Study In Ireland

Important Facts About Ireland

  • Ireland has a rich tradition of research and innovation.
  • The Government of Ireland’s sustained investment in research has inspired Irish and international students over the years and made it one of the highest student participations in the world.
  • Most Irish universities and their courses are internationally recognized.
  • All courses developed for international students are closely monitored by the Irish educational authorities to ensure their quality.
  • International students can work for 20 hours while studying in Ireland and 40 hours during holidays.
  • More than 100 MNCs operate from Ireland, bringing plentiful career opportunities.
  • More than 300 leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies across multiple sites in the country.
  • Irish universities are known to support students develop software and computer-related programs, which is why Ireland has emerged as the second largest exporter of software.
  • Students wishing to build careers in engineering, financial services, software development and IT, and food and agriculture can find several opportunities in Ireland.
  • Dublin is one of the top 50 cities in the world to start your business.
  • You can take advantage of the unique government programs created to assist entrepreneurs.
  • Ireland offers unique immigration programs and start-up funds to help start-ups in the country.
  • The country offers a lively social life proving it to be one of the many reasons to study in Ireland for Indian students.  
Importance of Ireland

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is located at the westernmost edge of Europe. It boasts one of the stable, yet fastest-growing economies in the world. The country is known for its world-class education system, and universities globally collaborate with some of the best study institutions and international companies. This gives students the opportunity to build their careers in different parts of the world after successfully graduating from a university in Ireland. In addition to the education system, the students can enjoy the greenery, fascinating countryside, and travel through vibrant and culturally sophisticated cities like Dublin.


1. Ranked 3rd Most Peaceful Country


Ireland has become a popular study-abroad destination amongst international students. The country is open to having diverse cultures living among them. As per the Global Peace Index, 2022, Ireland is ranked 3rd for the most peaceful country at 1.288%.

2. Warm Towards Foreign Students


Ireland has seen a rise in international students yearly because of the warm affection the residents shower on new immigrants. Despite the different cultures entering the country, the residents here have been more than welcoming.


As an international student, the first thought that comes to mind is, ‘how will I be treated?’. This fear of discrimination is common, especially among international students. But Ireland eliminates this fear upon arrival as residents are warm, friendly, and helpful to new faces.

3. Offers Stay-Back Visas


Upon graduation, Ireland encourages international students to resume their stay in the country to provide them with the opportunity to work and contribute towards the economy. The country offers stay-back visas available for any international student with a level 8 or above qualification from an Irish institute.


This is a great opportunity as a student since Ireland is a widely recognised study-abroad destination, and acquiring work experience here creates an impressionable professional background.

4. Focuses on Independent Learning


When it comes to learning, Ireland follows a unique method. Students pursuing academics in any Ireland university will soon learn the independent learning process. Universities encourage students to identify challenges and find solutions by themselves. Expression of opinions too is highly appreciated during class for more insightful engagements that make the learning experience more efficient.


At first, getting started with independent learning could be difficult, but with the help of your peers and experienced tutors, this form of learning can work wonders when you enter the real world.

5. Get Recruited In Top Brands


Apart from having the world’s best academic institution, Ireland is also home to top business brands. Gaining a work opportunity with these brands can expose students to the skills and knowledge required to build their professional footsteps well in the market. Gaining employment in leading brands can kickstart your professional journey towards the right path. These top corporate brands include Accenture, Bank of Ireland, Kingspan Group, etc.

Education System in Ireland

In Ireland, the education system is distinguished into three levels:


  • First Level Education – Primary

  • Second Level Education – Post-Primary

  • Third-level Education – Higher Education

In this, the third-level education comprises universities, institutes of technology, private colleges, and colleges of education. All these educational institutes are funded by the government.

The universities offer degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Levels.

  • The bachelor’s programs or undergraduate programs can be pursued part-time and full-time. Generally, full-time bachelor’s courses last three years.

  • Irish master programs take a year to complete, however, some master programs by research may last two years.

  • Irish doctorate programs may last three or four years. You can enroll for structured and traditional programs. The structured programs are similar to traditional programs, but have an additional element of evaluation and training.

Note: Student exchanges through the Turing Scheme is gaining popularity. This allows students to study abroad and secure overseas placements. However, students can seek advantage of this scheme, only if their university has a formal agreement with any foreign university.

Types of Educational Institutes

Universities: There are currently seven universities in Ireland, which are self-governing institutions or autonomous.


Institutes of Technology: These institutes provide training and education in areas such as engineering, science, business, linguistics, and music at diploma, certificate, and degree levels.

Grading System in Ireland

The grading system in Ireland varies across institutions. Most institutes follow a unique grading system. The minimum score for passing in Ireland is 40%. The following is a common grading system followed by Irish universities.

Percentage of Grade Description International Scale
70% or above First Class Honours A (Excellent)
69% – 60% Upper Second Class Honours B (very good, with few errors)
59% – 50% Lower Second Class Honours C (good, with some errors)
49% – 45% Third Class Honours D (satisfactory, with many errors)
44% – 40% Leaving Certificate Grading Compensating Fail. This is the minimum passing grade E (sufficient)

The following examples of grading across universities will help you understand it better.

Dublin City University (DCU)

Percentage of Grade Degree Classification Description
70% – 100% First Class Honours Excellent, exemplary, thorough, clear, and free of errors.
60% – 69% Second Class Honours, First Division Good, well-structured, only minor omissions or errors.