Study In USA

Important Facts About USA

  • The USA has the maximum number of tech start-ups and entrepreneurs in the world.
  • The country assures academic flexibility allowing students to combine various minors or majors and graduate with a double major.
  • The course programs are developed to train students to acquire skill sets needed to excel and thrive in the competitive environment.
  • Every year, the country welcomes more than a million international students.
  • English is the medium of instruction across universities and schools in the USA.
  • The USA hosts more than 4500 accredited institutes and universities.
  • The VISA acceptance rate across many leading USA universities is 80% and above.
  • International students can work 20 hours every week during the academic term.
  • The course programs to study in USA for Indian students are developed to train students to acquire skill sets needed to excel and thrive in the competitive environment.  
  • The USA universities assure high employability. More than 50 USA universities appear in the Global University Employability Rankings. These universities conduct annual fairs, networking events, and have career development centers that help students to develop their employability prospects.
  • There are several opportunities for Teaching, Research, & Graduate Assistantships in the USA.
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Why Study in USA?

The USA has consistently been the most popular international student destination for studying abroad. Students from India, China, and South Korea constitute a large part of the international student population in USA. High education standards, excellent post-study work opportunities, high standards of living, and diversity are some reasons that attract students to this country.

1. Home to QS Ranked Universities


The number one reason USA is home to foreign study-abroad aspirants is the access to multiple highly ranked universities. Due to their value, attaining a degree from these universities can boost a student’s professional opportunities and create a good impression amongst top recruiters during job interviews.

As per the QS World University rankings 2023, there are 202 USA universities mentioned. The top five include:

Universities Ranking
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ranked 1
  Stanford University Ranked 3
  Harvard University Ranked 5
  California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Ranked 6
  University of Chicago Ranked 10

2. Good Salary Packages


Graduating from any USA university will give international students a valuable degree, leading to a good salary package. Based on their academics, achievements and experience level, students can avail the best salaries as per the current market. International students can also access good salary packages through placement opportunities since most US universities partner with reputed corporate brands. To name a few are Apple, Amazon, Tesla and more. 

3. Surrounded by Diverse Cultures


As per QS World University Rankings 2023, the top USA universities’ international-student ratio ranges from 55-90. USA has welcomed multiple students around the globe to pursue academic and professional opportunities at their elite educational institutions. Living amongst these diverse cultures helps you make friends from different cultures and establish better bonds.

4. Budgetary University Choices


While you may have heard that USA is expensive on the pocket, you’ll be surprised to know that there are still affordable options to pursue your academics from here. The country has two types of universities, private and public. Private universities are defined by top names such as MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University and more. The fees here can be expensive, as they can go up to $100,000/year based on your degree and course choice. 

However, public universities have become a popular choice for pursuing academics. Since these universities are state-based, multiple public universities offer valuable education at an affordable price. Public universities such as the University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin, University of California, Berkeley are all popular examples. Pursuing academics in a public university can range from $32,000/year and can go up to $72,000/year based on the degree and course undertaken.

5. Action-Based Learning Experience


Have you wondered what makes USA a continuous choice to pursue higher education here? While quality of education makes it on the top list, their approach towards learning steals the spotlight. Most of the USA universities encourage practical learning rather than studying theoretical knowledge alone. 

Students can understand complex topics better when they work on practising them physically. Since USA universities have updated infrastructure and the latest technologies, students enjoy a more practical and insightful learning experience.