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How To Make The Right Career Selection: International Student Edition

Have you decided on your career choice yet? If not, don’t worry. Choosing a career can often be confusing and difficult for students. The job market continues to evolve, and with this, multiple job roles continue to fall in or out of demand accordingly. Thus, as a student, it is normal to take your time to decide between good career options.

Choosing a career involves intense research. Based on your career options list, you must conduct the necessary actions, such as choosing a course that can help you cater to your career goals, applying for a related internship, etc. So, how can you conduct a meaningful and confident career selection process? Thus, to help you get started, we have a few tips for your reference.

Tips to Remember When Choosing A Career

As a student, you will have a vision in mind when choosing a career role for yourself. But when it comes to turning that vision into a reality, many would fumble. This happens due to a lack of knowledge related to the career opportunities available, unsure of your career goals, etc.  Thus, to help you seek better clarity during your career selection process, follow the tips shared below:

  1. Understand what your career expectations/goals are:

Before you can delve into the research aspect of understanding which career is better or the salary expectations of a particular career; you need to assess yourself first. Write down your aspirations and what you see yourself working as. List which career roles are tapping your attention and which you are more interested in exploring. It is always better to ask yourself related questions to seek better clarity on your career choices. Here are a few:

  • Which industry are you keen to explore?
  • Which job roles are you most interested in?
  • How is the job market based on your career choice?
  • Is there any growth related to the career choice selected?
  • What are the salary expectations of the career choice selected?
  1. Take an aptitude test:

The aptitude test has become a medium to help anyone confused about which career path to explore. The purpose of an aptitude test is simple. Answer a set of questions, and the test will then generate possible career options that suit you best.  Based on these findings, you can shortlist which career role is best suited for you. There are multiple free aptitude tests available online; conduct more than one of them to compare the results.

  1. Refer to job portals:

Another great way to understand which are the top career options for you is via visiting popular job portals such as Indeed, LinkedIn and more. You can list the career roles you wish to explore and search for those professions in these job portals. With every job opening you click, you will be able to analyse the job responsibilities required and whether they match your career goals and skillsets. Based on this, you can then choose your ideal job roles accordingly.  

  1. Create long-term career goals:

Another great way to decide upon potential career options for you is by setting long-term goals. For instance, create a plan on where you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years. For example, if you are interested in entering the creative space. List down what you see yourself doing, such as becoming a graphic designer, writer, video editor, editorial roles, etc. When you list all of them, it becomes easy to identify your career vision and what you can do to achieve the same from an academic front.

  1. Analyse your academic choices:

Most students choose a career based on their current academic journey. For instance, you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The course curriculum covers topics related to multiple aspects, such as marketing, statistics, accounting, etc. Say that you are interested in marketing.

So, you will continue choosing this specialization in your further education to learn more about the subject. Once you enroll for an internship program or continue to study further (like pursuing a Master’s in marketing), you can analyse what you wish to work as based on the market expectations related to marketing job roles.

  1. Identify how you can upgrade your career:

As you work towards achieving your career goals, there will be moments when you require assistance to do better in your job. For instance, the job market will continue to change; there will be multiple trends you need to keep up with. In such cases, the best way to grow in your job role is to continue learning about the new trends and adapting the same in your work. . There are multiple ways you can upgrade your career choices. A few includes participating in workshops, seminars and completing related courses, pursuing higher education to explore your work field better, etc.

  1. Make use of internships/part-time jobs:

Another way to analyse your career options list is by having a real understanding of what the job role demands of you. For instance, if you’re interested in marketing, you can apply for any internships or part-time jobs related to marketing, such as social media intern, marketing intern, etc. This will give you an overall experience of your responsibilities towards the chosen job role. Upon completion, you can then decide if you wish to pursue a full-time career in this role.

  1. Learn about the job market:

The job market will continue to evolve with time. With the fast growth of technology and new trends, you will find multiple job roles being in demand and a few disappearing with time. It is always better to choose a career that has potential growth in the market. A growing industry determines better job opportunities and higher pay. Thus, shortlist those careers that have high growth potential as you switch between different career positions in the same industry during your career period.

  1. Don’t stress:

Making a firm career choice is not easy. It will take time for you to understand from within what career roles are best suited for you. Don’t stress your mind if you are still unclear about your career choices. Instead, focus on framing your career goals to create a better career-oriented vision.


It is a tough situation when it comes to making a career choice. Based on your one decision, you will align your academic and personal goals accordingly. However, with the tips mentioned above, you can now set achievable career goals that match your interests. Having said this, if you still wish to seek expert guidance on how to choose a career and which academic goals can help you cater to your career goals better, then get in touch with our expert counsellors by booking a free 1-1 counselling session today!

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