Working At Collegepond

Collegepond endorses a transparent, bureaucracy-free, vibrant, and inclusive work culture that fosters independence, creativity, spontaneity, and out-of-the-box thinking in every employee and allows fresh ideas to percolate throughout the organization. While valuing inherent potential of each member, Collegepond believes in an open work environment where everyone is easily accessible and allowed to express their point of view with freedom and confidence.

Collegepond firmly believes in 100 percent employee satisfaction as each employee’s happiness facilitates enhanced performance, which in turn translates into the organization’s success. Team members are motivated to find innovative ways and intelligent solutions to deliver on the brand’s core promises through solidarity and commitment. The company cares for its employees’ career growth by offering a range of roles and responsibilities that fosters talent development. Openness is the watchword at Collegepond. Town hall meetings are organized every quarter where all the participants are encouraged to express their opinions and share constructive feedback. Workplace wellness is yet another vital cornerstone of Collegepond work culture, which is geared towards safeguarding employee health. For promoting team bonding and fostering enduring relationships amongst the employees, Collegepond regularly hosts team lunches and organizes team outings apart from enthusiastically celebrating different festivals with zeal and zest. A place where every employee is made to feel important, included, valued, and treated with the utmost dignity, Collegepond believes in involving everyone in key decision making, which in turn has nurtured a symbiotic culture of collaborative growth.

Jobs At Collegepond

Mumbai, Fulltime
Marketing Executive

(1-3 years experience) who is proficient to Manage offline marketing activities/events including college seminars, tie-ups, event collaboration etc.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Digital Marketing Executive

(1-3 years experience) with extensive Knowledge of SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and Google Analytics & Managing online marketing campaigns running through Facebook, Instagram, Google, Quora etc.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Chief Technical Officer

( 7+ years of experience) with expert knowledge on technologies and system-level engineering issues as well as determine design philosophy and ensure consistency for the same on projects.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Mobile App Developer

( 2-4 years experience) Experience with technology relative to industry; .Net, C#, SQL Server, MongoDB, Solr, jQuery, Angular, AWS, IIS, GitHub, Grunt/Gulp, Node.JS, Java/C

Mumbai, Fulltime
Full Stack Developer

( 2-4 years’ experience) with extensive programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc. for front-end development. Their knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js, etc. is essential for back-end development.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Senior Lead Developer

( 5+ years of experience) experience in designing and developing large scale enterprise-grade distributed systems and applications. Experience with high quality backend and frontend code on cutting-edge technology stacks including Laravel, Nodejs, Python, React, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Elastic Search, Docker, AWS etc.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Admission Counsellor

(with minimum 2-3 years of prior industry experience) – Helping students with various parts of the career and university selection process.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Education Loan Officer

(With minimum 2-3 years of industry experience) – Helping students & their parents with their educational documents / VISA finances etc.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Mobile App Tester

(With minimum 2-3 years of industry experience) – Performing regular app testing (manual and automation) with knowledge of automation tools like Appium and Selenium.

Mumbai, Fulltime
Graphic Designer

(With minimum 2-3 years of industry experience) – Creative Graphic Designer who has good practical experience with industry-leading software and technologies, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, CorelDraw, etc.

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