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15 Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Universities To Study Abroad

Confused about which are the best study abroad universities? Are you still facing a dilemma on which are the best countries to study abroad? Making the decision to study abroad is difficult for first-time students. There are tons of factors to consider, such as which are the types of courses to study abroad, what is the study abroad application process, how to apply for study abroad scholarships and many more.

Every foreign student aspirant focuses on ticking every option in the checklist when it comes to choosing the best universities to study abroad. If you, too, are one of them, we understand the tedious and time-consuming process you have to go through. But do you know that you can make this process simpler? All you need is a set of tips to make a worthy academic investment from the list of best universities abroad. Here are 15 tips to remember when selecting the best foreign universities for Indian students.

The Ultimate Checklist To Finding Your Ideal Abroad University

When it comes to choosing from a list of top universities, there will be multiple choices. However, when it comes to making an academic investment, there will be only one right choice. Since you are committed to pursuing your academics abroad, it’s time to itemize your choice of the best universities abroad for you. The best way to do this is to ensure that your selected university ticks all of the below aspects on the checklist.

#1 List your academic and professional goals

Before you can select any of the top universities abroad, it is crucial first to list out what are your academic and professional goals. Identify which study program best suits your interests. For instance, if you plan to become an entrepreneur, pursuing a business-related course program will be ideal.

Apart from this, also make a list of your career aspirations. Ask yourself, where do you see yourself working in the next five years? For instance, if you wish to explore the data world, pursuing a data analytics study program will be more suited.

#2 Make a list of universities that match your academic interests

Once you identify your goals, it becomes much easier to select the right university for you to pursue higher education abroad. With your list, start shortlisting universities that match the former. When selecting your university, ensure they hold substantial repute. This indicates that such academic institutions are widely recognized, and availing a degree from the same will impact your job opportunities better.

#3 Analyze your course program

Once you have shortlisted the universities based on their world university rankings and repute, it’s time to analyze what they offer in the course program you wish to pursue. Your course program should include the following elements:

  • The curriculum should be updated as per the recent job market demands
  • All essential topics are covered related to the course
  • The faculty teaching you this course should be knowledgeable and experienced
  • The university should provide upgraded educational facilities to assist your learning experience with this course program

#4 Check the universities curriculum status

As mentioned above, students should check for one important factor when analyzing their course program. You are aware that technologies change from time to time. This means the requirements and job roles for every field will have newer developments. Furthermore, due to these changes, the industry will be keen to hire bright minds that are capable of performing their job roles with this new change.

Thus, it is important that when you choose your course program from the list of the best courses to study abroad, they should all have an updated curriculum that matches the practical expectations of the industry you wish to pursue your career journey.

#5 Identify your study location

Once you have your academics in place, you need to move your attention towards your living condition then. Every student has a different lifestyle which means their needs will vary accordingly. Students should research well about their study location so that they can live a fulfilling life in their dream destination that benefits them academically, professionally and socially too. Choose your student location by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Which location is the university situated in?
  • Are there any corporate hubs in the location?
  • Is there public transport available to travel to the university?
  • How is the climate like in that location?
  • How is the student life there?
  • Is the area expensive or affordable to live in?
  • How’s the locality there? Are residents friendly?
  • What are the costs of off-campus housing in the location?
  • Are there nearby shops or markets?
  • Is the area safe to live in?
  • How is the nightlife in this location?
  • Are there places to explore during the weekends?
  • Will my student discounts work in this area?

#6 Analyze your budgetary needs

Next, you should move forward towards planning your budgetary needs. Your dream to pursue academics at institutes with good university rankings is possible if you plan your finances well. But before you can do the same, you should ask yourself the following questions to create a good financial map:

  • What is the cost of studying at this university?
  • What is your educational budget to pursue academics at this university?
  • Will you apply for an educational loan?
  • Does this university offer any financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants or fellowships?
  • How can the university assist you with your financial conditions?

#7 Visit your campus

Before you can finalize any of the top universities, it’s important to get a tour of the campus. This can now take place virtually as well, irrespective of your current location. The purpose of your campus tour is to understand the university better. With the tour, you can witness the huge campus space available, where your university is situated, what it looks like, where are your classrooms, what are the educational facilities provided and more. You will be calling this university home for the next few years; thus, it is better to have a tour before you make your final decision.

#8 Consider student reviews

Another great way to decide upon an abroad university is to consider their reviews or speak to alumni. These are the two best sources to learn better how the university is, how it can benefit you academically and professionally, and why is it worth your investment. Access multiple reviews to compare and make a sound decision.

#9 Ensure the university has a library

Ensure your university offers a large library space. When it comes to studying after class hours, most international students spend their time in libraries. The latter serves as a space to help complete assignments and access related resources to enhance your learning experience.

#10 List of extra-curricular activities

While academics is one aspect that defines a university, you need also to ensure that the university offers multiple extra-curricular activities to enhance your skills outside the classrooms. These activities can include anything such as sports events, seminars, debates, workshops, student groups and more.

#11 On-campus housing and job opportunities

Most universities abroad also offer on-campus facilities with regard to housing and job opportunities. If you’re travelling for the first time abroad to pursue your academics, staying at the on-campus housing is a better choice. These housings are close to the university campus and offer various types of accommodations, such as private housing and sharing accommodation.

Apart from this, most campuses also offer part-time job opportunities for international students to help support their financial expenses. Information on the same can be accessed on the university’s official website.

#12 Offers potential job opportunities

Another factor to keep in mind when selecting a university abroad is the job opportunities it offers. Always prefer a university that offers you the following benefits:

  • The campus is situated amongst reputed corporate hubs
  • Offers plenty of internship opportunities
  • Assists students to improve their interview skills and create an impressive resume
  • Is partnered with top companies in the country
  • Has a great alumni network to guide graduates to find a job quicker
  • Offers meaningful placement opportunities

#13 Allows part-time job

Almost all of the best universities abroad allow international students to work abroad. Thus, ensure that the university you’re applying to confirms the same.

#14 Enforces unique teaching method

Another vital element which you should consider when selecting a university is its style of teaching. While theoretical teaching is standard practice, look out for universities that go beyond this. Most abroad universities conduct practical learning, open discussions and debates to enhance the learning process for a student. This will enable you to remember everything you learned in the classroom even after the session ends.

#15 Provides student support services

Lastly, always ensure that the university offers student support to cater to any of your concerns. Having these services is important to help international students deal with various issues such as mental health, finance and more.

Choosing the right study abroad university is essential since it impacts your academic and professional journey simultaneously. A good abroad university will help you develop the skills and knowledge required to shape your career goals better. While the above-mentioned tips can help you kickstart your search to choose the top universities abroad, do you know what can enhance this process and make it efficient? Seeking the assistance of an expert counsellor who can guide you through all the minor and major academic processes. Get started by booking a free 1-1 session with our expert counsellors today!

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