Why Germany is Fast Emerging as a Preferred Study Abroad Destination?

Why Germany is Fast Emerging as a Preferred Study Abroad Destination?
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Why Germany is Fast Emerging as a Preferred Study Abroad Destination?

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Though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to paint a sobering picture across the globe, some European nations have succeeded in taming down the spread of the lethal virus. Germany equipped with the best healthcare system coupled with its prompt, swift and novel approach in handling the pandemic tops the list. This is good news for US bound international students faced with the prospect of deferring their enrollments or dropping their study abroad plans completely.

Why is Germany turning out to be one of the most preferred study abroad destinations in the wake of the pandemic?   The reasons are as follows:

Tackling crisis situation

  • From being one of the worst hits nations in the world to reopening in a controlled fashion all within a span of two months, Germany has proved to the world that it has the capability to tackle unforeseen crisis situations with ingenious planning, speed and alacrity.

Recovering economy

  • With major businesses, schools and colleges in the country opening in a phased manner, Germany has accelerated its ‘restart’ mode with plans of easing travel restrictions for non EU nations. This augurs well for Indian study abroad aspirants.

High ranking universities

  • With globally renowned TU9 universities offering quality education in the field of engineering, technology and other STEM course backed by practice-oriented teaching, students can build a strong practical foundation even before stepping into the professional world.

Globally recognized degrees

  • Apart from maintaining very high educational and selection standards, most of the German public universities either offer free education or charge nominal tuition fees when it comes to international students. The only cost to be borne by students is the administration and semester fees. Likewise, graduate students can also avail of similar facilities provided they have completed their undergraduate studies in Germany

Scholarships for international students

  • With due consideration towards international students, most of the universities offer courses in English, although learning German can make the process of studying in Germany far more easier
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides support to international students to gain funding for living and studying in Germany. Students across multiple levels of studies can avail of several DAAD scholarships

Post-study employment opportunities

  • International students can stay back in Germany after graduation by extending their existing student visas for a period of 18 months to find suitable job openings

Availability of online programs

  • With a higher number of international students enrolling for online programs, it is possible to acquire a German degree without applying for a visa

Whether the prevailing pandemic is expunged by a vaccine in the coming months or online education becomes the new normal, Germany is fast emerging as the most popular study abroad destination for offering academic excellence, safe and secure stay, easier visa procedures, excellent career prospects – all at a very affordable cost.

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