Study In Switzerland

Important Facts About Switzerland

  • Switzerland is home to 12 cantonal universities, 9 universities of applied science and arts, 20 universities of teaching education and 2 federal institutes of technology.
  • As per Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the number of international students in Switzerland in 2022 was 74,440.
  • The language of instruction to study in Switzerland are German, French, Italian/Romash and English.
  • As per Schengen VISA statistics published by the European Commission, the VISA rejection rate is 7.41%.
  • As per Eurostat, the employability rate in Switzerland is 79.30%.
  • International students can work for 15 hrs/week while pursuing academics and 100% during semester breaks.
  • Switzerland has a thriving economy with many job openings in tourism, retail, media, agriculture, watchmaking, electrical engineering, machinery, banks and insurance, etc.
  • As per Global Peace Index 2022, Switzerland is ranked under the top 20 most peaceful countries in the world at 1.36%.
  • As per Federal Statistical Office in Switzerland, 9 out of 10 high school graduates are employed in the career they studied for.
Importance of Switzerland

Why Study in Switzerland?

Switzerland has become a popular study destination amongst international students globally. With the border connection of Germany, Italy and France, the country offers diverse cultural learnings that benefit international students academically and professionally. High job opportunities, flexible learning and elevated academic investments are top magnets that compel the attention of international students.


1. Recognizable Degree


Pursuing an academic degree from Switzerland holds great value. Switzerland is one of the top study-abroad destinations. Over 10 universities in Switzerland are listed on the QS World University Rankings 2023. The county’s education system is also well known, which means acquiring a degree here can result in professional advantages for international students anywhere around the globe.

2. Surround Yourself With Diverse Cultures


Switzerland is known for its diversified culture. The residents here speak any of the 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. English is another popular language spoken in Switzerland, and most universities also have English as their main language of instruction for various courses. It is always better for students to learn new languages, especially when staying amongst different cultures. Having a good understanding of new languages creates an impressive student background.

3. Offer Great Academic Value


Another reason why Switzerland continues to be an international student favourite to study abroad is the academic value it offers. Students have access to well-experienced tutors who know the current market demands. While theoretical and practical knowledge is being shared, tutors here also offer real-time experiences of a subject that enhance the learning experience.


Apart from this, Switzerland universities also host multiple workshops and events for students to amplify their skills and build a good professional network while studying.

4. Chance to Explore Switzerland


Switzerland is a sight to behold. When students are not studying, they are encouraged to explore the country’s beauty. From skiing in the beautiful Swiss mountains to relishing the popular chocolates and cheese, international students have so much to visit when staying in this gorgeous country.

Apart from the above, students can visit Switzerland’s neighbouring hoods, such as Europe, Italy, Germany and much more.

Here are a few places you need to visit when staying in Switzerland:

  • Visit the highest mountains in the Alps at Matterhorn
  • Enjoy the music festivals at Lucerne
  • Visit Europe’s largest Alpine Lake, Lake Geneva, etc.

5. Offer A Range Of Courses


Another reason students wish to study in Switzerland is the variety of courses offered in this country. While business, engineering, medicine is the popular choice, the country also offers unique courses that tap the interests of most international students, such as hospitality, music, environmental studies, politics, international relations and much more.

Education System

The education system in Switzerland is quite diverse. International students can benefit from flexible learning options per the course and method of academics they wish to pursue.

Here, students can pursue Bachelors, Masters and PhD. Vocational graduates can claim an advanced version of their diploma too. The study timelines are Bachelors (3 years), Masters (1.5-2 years), PhD (3-5 years) and Vocational (2,3,4 years (varies)).

Types of Educational Institutes

In Switzerland, there are three types of educational institutions. Based on the academic preference, international students will make a choice.


  • Universities (UNIs) – public and private universities/colleges: These are universities offering multiple degree programs for international students. There are 10 such universities that offer widely recognized bachelor’s and master’s programs. Apart from this, two other universities are present that are known as the Federal Institute of Technology.


  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts- public and private universities/colleges: These universities are focused on helping students who are keen to explore science and practice-oriented fields. There are 9 universities in Switzerland for international students to choose from. The perk of pursuing such a degree is direct access to the top experts in this field.


  • University of Teacher Education- public and private universities/colleges: These are universities that cater to educating students who wish to enter the teaching profession. There are close to 20 teaching universities in Switzerland. Students can access various forms of learning such as research, training, and much more.

Grading System in Switzerland

Switzerland follows a six-point grading system. Here 4 is the passing mark, and 6 is the highest score. Each grade exhibits a student’s performance as explained below: