Study In France

Important Facts About France

  • France is known to be one of the most student-friendly countries.
  • It stood 5th on the list of the countries with the best educational systems – 2021 Best Countries Report published by the World Population Review. The US, the UK, Germany, and Canada are four countries preceding France on this list!
  • Most French institutions provide a waiver on the English language proficiency test, GRE, GMAT and other tests.
  • Tuition fees in France is considered one of the lowest compared to other countries.
  • International students in France can avail benefits/discounts while travelling, shopping and using healthcare.
  • International students coming to France can take advantage of various scholarships awarded by the French Foreign Ministry. Almost 25% of these scholarships are directly sponsored by the Ministry in the Framework of Eiffel.
  • France serves as a headquarter for several financial organizations and fashion brands.
  • Learning French opens doors to 30 countries that have adopted French as their official language.
  • It is home to a diversity of cultures making it easy to study in France for Indian students.  
Importance Of France

Why Study in France?

France offers an immersive academic experience to students and is known as the centre of philosophy, culture, and arts. The country is home to some 3500 study institutions offering courses in much-in-demand subjects like technology, economics and business, culinary studies, hospitality, fashion, and tourism. French universities extend immense support to international students and offers a warm and friendly environment for them to sustain and flourish.

1. Ideal Student City


France has always been recognised for its great education system, but apart from this, the country can also surprise you with its range of student-friendly activities. From relaxing next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to hiking in the French Alps at Grenoble. As an international student living in France, you can be assured of gaining the best student experience here.

Top Places to Visit in France Include:

  • Spoil yourself with french food by visiting Lyon
  • For wine lovers, visit the wine industry capital, Bordeaux
  • Engage in cultural meetings at Montpellier, etc.

2. Learn A New Language


English is one of the common languages spoken in most study-abroad destinations, including France, too; however, to adjust to the cultures of this country, having knowledge about the French language is also beneficial.


Learning a new language like French creates an impressionable professional background and makes applying to top French companies globally easy. Apart from this, on the business front, you can form better bonds with French clients by engaging with them fluently.


While it is suggested that international students learn this language before arriving in the country, most students learn it better when they arrive here. Almost all French students and tutors speak the local language during class and for basic conversations. Thus it becomes easy for non-French students to pick up the language.

3. Work With The Best Brands


Upon graduation, students can apply to the top brands in France to gain professional work experience. The country is home to multiple widely recognized brands such as L’Oreal, AXA, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes.


Working with such top brands builds your career in a manner wherein you receive real insights into working in a professional space. Thus, gaining professional recognition from such top brands will open doors to better job opportunities worldwide.

4. Home to the Best Universities


France is home to the best universities that are recognised globally. As per the QS World University Rankings 2023, there are over 32 universities that are mentioned on the list. Each of these universities has been a popular choice amongst international students for the academic value it offers, the range of courses available, and the teaching style exhibited. Here are a few examples of popular French universities:

Universities Ranking
University PSL Ranked 26
Institut Polytechnique de Paris Ranked 48
Sorbonne University Ranked 60
Universite Paris-Saclay Ranked 69
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Ranked 111

5. Provide Opportunities to Learn The French Culture


One aspect that describes France as a unique study-abroad destination is the openness and support they provide to international students. The French culture is diverse, and as an international student, it can take time to understand it completely.