Sample LOR for MS in CS at Virginia Tech

Sample LOR for MS in CS at Virginia Tech
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Sample LOR for MS in CS at Virginia Tech

Sample Lor for masters in Computer science Virginia Tech

Following is a sample letter of recommendation for MS in CS at Virginia Tech

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Mr._______ _______ for an MS in Computer Science at your esteemed university. He has been my student for the past four semesters and I have taught him Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks and Computer Graphics. He definitely is a fine student, in terms of aptitude, hard work and motivation.

An intelligent, sincere and conscientious student, Mr._______ _______ has maintained a good academic record in my courses. He has been among the few students who completed their assignments before time with optimal results. His performance can be attributed to his clear concepts and strong fundamentals, which have always enabled him to grasp new ideas and topics with relative ease.

Data Structures and Sorting and Searching are important tools which form the foundation of programming languages and he handled these concepts quite well. Mr._______ _______ comes up with innovative ways of applying his concepts as he did while doing a project in third year based on Distributed Computing.

Mr._______ _______ has also been an extremely active component of the technical scene in college. He was part of the team that created a software for ‘Solving a system of Linear Equations—A Distributed Approach’ using C++. He has also participated in Coding competitions in the annual CSI technical festival of DJ Sanghvi College of engineering where he was placed second. He also represented our college in a Technical Quiz Competition held at Vidyavardhini College of Engineering and was placed first making our college proud. Besides organizing various events he has been active on the sports front winning a second place in Table Tennis held at K.J Somaya College of Engineering.

Although he fell seriously ill in the second year of his undergraduate studies, he worked really hard and cleared all oral and written examinations. His will and determination was clearly reflected by his ability to attend the exams even though he was suffering from excruciating back pain. In fact ,I will always remember that he appeared for the exams with a strap-on belt that supported his back. Such commitment, I feel, will help him surpass all expectations set forth by your institution for an incoming student.

Always an independent thinker seeking to learn more, he has shown great promise by venturing beyond the scope of the subject syllabi. He keeps himself abreast with the latest developments and goes through various technical literature which was evident from the technical discussions and interviews that I have had with him. His leadership qualities are extremely impressive, having founded and single-handedly managed a technical festival event, Mock GRE/CAT, which spanned two days and met with profuse student enthusiasm and appreciation.

A student who believes in performing to the best of his ability, Mr._______ _______ will work very hard towards the fulfillment of any responsibility that he undertakes. His zest to constantly be on the learning path and his time-management abilities will surely take him a long way. I strongly recommend him for admission to your college for graduate studies.

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