Our Story

About Collegepond

Collegepond is a premier online/offline-counselling, career guidance, test preparation, and admissions counselling outfit. Our primary goal is to guide our students to success and our strength lies in highlighting the most optimal path in helping them accomplish their career ambitions. Merely getting into the college of your dreams will not ensure success in your future endeavours, your success largely depends on the decisions you take at most crucial junctures, be it concerning your higher education or professional life. Based on our experience in the US environment and inputs received from students who have made it to Wall Street, and Silicon Valley or have turned into Entrepreneurs, we have realized that prior to embarking on the path of higher education, a clear, well-thought-out strategy is required.

Spearheaded by Mr. Suraj Bajaj (Wharton ’91 and Columbia Business School ’98) and Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi (DJ Sanghvi ’04 and Stony Brook ’05), Collegepond boasts of more than 97% admission success rate to date. Under their able guidance, Collegepond has been successful in helping students get admission in the world’s most elite schools.

Mr. Suraj Bajaj

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value for our students by helping them achieve the desired level of quality in their applications and thereby enable them to get into their dream university. We ensure our work has lasting benefits by developing a close bond with our students and being deeply committed to their success.

Our Values

Our commitment to support and add value for our students drives everything we do. We strive to facilitate our students with the right path to achieve their career goals. We offer comprehensive programmes and services which draw on our industry specific knowledge and technical expertise.

Our Strategy

Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our experience gathered over the years enables us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking while working on university applications. Our unfailing spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address student's needs and deliver superior services.

Our Results

Our results speak volumes of our skills to get students placed in their desired university and course. Our counsellors are well-versed with the application and visa processes and understand what the admission committee looks for in an applicant’s profile.

Students received job offers after graduation
Students admitted in Top 50 universities of the world
Students admitted in Top 20 universities of the world
Students with 320+ in GRE through our Coaching

Collegepond in Print Media

In the pursuit of developing a sense of self identity, laying the foundation for a flourishing career and gradually enriching skills between cultures, more and more youth is attracted towards overseas education. It truly has a persisting and life-long influence in positively shaping almost each aspect of one’s personality. We at Collegepond believe in elucidating and helping this much-coveted dream called “higher studies abroad” for our students and beyond. In a bid to reach out to a wider audience in sharing our invaluable insights and pertinent information, we write articles on a regular basis that has been featured by leading news agencies such as Times of India, Zee5, ANI News, Business Standard, etc. These articles are an attempt to address the exigency of overseas education and thus we bring forth one theme each month to help applicants navigate the intricacy of overseas education preparation and admission process for all.

Collegepond Journey


Our Startup Year
Started as a pet project by Mr. Suraj Bajaj, Collegepond got off to a flying start and soon became an altruistic venture focused on maximizing happiness rather than making profit in the initial years of its existence. Mr. Bajaj’s undergraduate and graduate education from Ivy League universities coupled with over 10 years of invaluable international exposure aided him in helping the students make right career decisions for themselves.


Year of Brilliant Achievement
Over the past eight years, Collegepond witnessed scores of students getting into leading universities such as Yale University, University of Oxford, University of California – Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, London School of Business, INSEAD, Georgia Institute of Technology, and many more. This is when Mr. Bajaj joined hand with Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi, his fellow student, and decided to make their combined skill-sets a foundation for a full-fledged business venture. They bonded over their common passion for higher education consultancy. Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi technical expertise paired with Mr. Suraj Bajaj business acumen made the two an ultimate business match. Collegepond assumed a phenomenal proportion in overseas education sector under the formidable partnership of Mr. Suraj Bajaj and Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi.


Increasing the Scope of Services
Inspired by a vision to turn the passion project into a profitable business, both the Co-founders joined forces and applied themselves in consolidating the base and laying out a detailed plan for the company’s growth for the next decade. In an endeavour to build strong relationships with students and parents, they decided on enhancing the scope of services further and introduced career counselling sessions for students at early stages of their education, financial guidance for parents, pre-departure services for students to make the transition to other countries smoother. They also added ancillary services including parents’ visitor visas, sessions with ex-students, interview preparations for internships abroad, scholarship and funding assistance.


Test Preparation
In a constant endeavor to keep the organization on top of trends in the education sector, Collegepond introduced the standardized tests preparation services, including GRE and TOEFL. Collegepond began its exclusive test preparation centres with experienced faculty members, exhaustive resources, and mock papers. Our expert guidance saw our students make tremendous improvements, with an average increment of 15 points in GRE and 17 points in TOEFL.


Introduction of 'Converge' to Counselling Student
Collegepond measures its success not just by how much profit it makes, but by how much value it adds to its students. In an attempt to keep pace with technological advancements and ease out cumbersome application process, Collegepond proudly introduced ‘CONVERGE’, its proprietary work flow management system and online portal to assist students during the yearlong application and visa process.


Enlarging Our Scope
Reaping the rewards of hard work and innovation, Collegepond introduced ‘Collegepond Services’, a division focused on helping students alleviate the burden of pursuing education abroad. Collegepond Services offers loan and forex assistance, insurance, etc. with a view to provide a one-stop destination of all student needs. To date, Collegepond has successfully helped over 8,000 students establish themselves in countries abroad including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, etc. Many of them are currently placed in prestigious Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Amazon, AT&T, McKinsey and Company, and more.


Converge App goes Public
Following the tremendous response to the Converge Portal, Collegepond envisioned an application that can elevate the features of the online portal by bringing it to the tip of your fingers. Collegepond proudly presented the study abroad aspirants with the CONVERGE APP, to facilitate them in their study abroad trajectory. With key features geared to address a three-fold purpose: Information, Communication, and Transaction, the Converge App has made the cumbersome application process Simpler, Quicker, and Comprehensive.

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