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The GRE is an integral aspect of the study abroad application process, as majority of the overseas universities have mandated the GRE score as part of their application. With universal acceptance and credibility, acing the GRE test is essential for every study abroad aspirant. The GRE is conducted by ETS (Education testing Service) and includes Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Qualitative Analysis.


The GRE tests your vocabulary, writing skills, critical thinking, analytical skills, and mathematical abilities. To cater to your coaching needs, Collegepond has designed a comprehensive training program to cover every aspect of the GRE syllabus. With an expertly crafted course module, professional faculty, live lectures, personalized study plans, strategically curated resource materials, trainings, thorough practice, and more. Our GRE coaching in Manipal ensures that you are well-equipped to ace the exam and secure a stellar GRE score! Unlike other institutes, our GRE classes in Manipal stresses on continual evaluations through mock test and assessments that help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final test.


Through our online GRE classes in Manipal, we are able to reach out to and assist thousands on students in achieving their coveted score. Our online GRE coaching in Manipal is geared towards making sure.


Services We Offer

Collegepond’s consistent approach to GRE Coaching has helped students achieve exceptional scores. We identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and, accordingly, develop a plan of action for them. Through a novel curriculum, experienced faculty, interactive lectures and small-sized batches, our GRE Classes in Manipal and other cities in India ensure that individual attention is paid to every student.  

Apart from in-class trainings, the Collegepond GRE app serves as a comprehensive digital resource at your fingertips while offering convenience and flexibility to learn and practice at your own pace.  An integral part of our in-class GRE Coaching program is administering mock tests that simulate the actual GRE environment, helping students prepare and face the exam with confidence.

90% of our students got their desired results in their GRE exam with an average improvement of 15.45 points in GRE. 85% of our student got above 160 in the Quants Section and 98% got above 150 in the verbal section of GRE.

In-Class Training

This program is well suited for individuals who have not scored well in the diagnostic exam or are looking to score above a 325.

The 200 Hours Study Plan: At Collegepond, we have a 200-hours study plan to help students sharpen their concepts. Following is the breakdown of how the plan is structured:

60 Hours of Personalized Coaching

Our emphasis on personalized teaching, which is conducted in compact batches, allows us to give individual attention to every student.

20 Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions

We provide our students with one-on-one sessions to help resolve their doubts and queries and work on their weak areas , thereby helping them achieve excellence.

40 Hours of Supervised Mock Tests

It is our endeavor to offer continuous feedback to our students concerning their progress. Therefore, we constantly assess and monitor our students’ performance by providing them with topic-wise mock tests and exercises. This forms an essential part of our coaching methodology.

80 Hours of Independent Study

As competitive examinations demand continuous practice, we make the journey easy through daily assignments and weekly tasks. With this approach, students are able to not only broaden their knowledge but also develop their confidence.

One On One Coaching

This program is designed for students who are strapped for time, require specific attention to certain topics or want a more personalized curriculum. Collegepond assesses the student’s current skill set and then determines the number of hours of personalized instruction required. The pace of each session will be dependent on student’s learning curve to ensure that the student fully absorbs the concepts and strategies taught in class. Assignments will be provided at the end of each session to reinforce the concepts learnt.

GMAT Online Course

Test Series & Doubt Solving

Test Preparation

Mental fitness, calmness and confidence are essential attributes required to secure a good GRE score. Taking mock exams in a familiar environment may not be fruitful. Therefore, as part of in-class training program, students are required to take a series of tests in a setting that mimics the actual GRE environment. After taking these tests, students have the choice of scheduling appointment with the concerned faculty members to get their doubts resolved.

How Important Are The Test Scores?

If you are planning to pursue your MS abroad in the near future, you will be required to take the GRE exam. The importance of these scores varies from one university to another. Incidentally, different graduate schools have different requirements when it comes to GRE scores. For some schools, it is the first hurdle you have to get past in order for them to even look at your application. For example, some universities may say, “If you do not get above 320 then we do not look at your application!” Other schools may use it as a tie-breaker at the end of the admissions process to separate you from other similar applicants. Most schools, however, will plug your GRE scores into a formula that analyse different parts of your application. They might give more credence to the Quant score than your Verbal score, or may consider your overall score and give not much consideration to the individual section score, etc. Nonetheless, aiming for a good score needs to be your goal to get into the top universities.

Our Approach


Topic Wise Practice Questions

All modular resources will be provided by us including topic wise practice material and mock papers. Mock papers are an integral part of a student’s GRE preparation.

GRE Coaching


Our GRE app is a complete digital resource & support forum. It will contain topic wise tests, score predictor & personalized support including a facility to rate your faculty.


AWA Section

Our AWA test prep services have been designed to help students improve their AWA scores, thereby enhancing their eligibility for securing admission in top-ranked universities.


Full Length Supervised Tests

To achieve the purpose of understanding the progress of students and provide them the necessary coaching at required intervals.


Doubt Solving

Unlimited one-on-one sessions with the professors for doubt solving till your GRE exam date. This helps students work on their areas of weakness.


Periodic Assessments

At Collegepond, we ensure that students receive continuous feedback regarding their mastery of concepts and their areas of weakness.


Modular Approach

We employ a modular approach which allows you the flexibility of picking up topics and joining our batches at your own convenience. You can also expedite your course or delay it as per your requirement.


Small Batches

Our professors know that doubts can be efficiently solved in small sized batches ONLY. Hence, our batches accommodate max. 20 students for individual attention.

Collegepond Coaching

Interactive Lectures

Interactive lectures are classes in which the instructor breaks the lecture at least once per class to have students participate in an activity that lets them work directly with the material.

Lecture Topics




Etymology & Vocabulary Number Properties
Text Completion Percentage, Profit & Loss & Interest
Critical Reasoning Average, Ratios & Mixtures
Reading Comprehension 1 TSD & Work Problems
Reading Comprehension 2 Algebra & Function
Sentence Equivalence 2D Geometry
AWA – Issue 3D & Co – ordinate Geometry
AWA -Argument Permutation & Combination
Data Interpretation

Begin your test preparations by completing the GRE Diagnostic Test.

What Our Students Say

No one can tell you more about what it’s like to consult Collegepond than the people who matter most to us— our students. So we take pride in letting them speak for us. Read what they have to say, in their own words, and you’ll see why we’re so confident that you, like them, will be happy to enroll with us for the right guidance.

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