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Factors To Consider Before Choosing Any Top Universities In USA

Statista revealed that more than one million international students are enrolled at various universities and best colleges in the US. This is because every college or top universities in USA offers an enhanced education system that supports the academic and career goals of each enrolled international student. You’ll also be astounded to learn that more than 200 USA universities are listed on the QS World University Rankings 2023, thus making it easier for you to invest in top-ranking universities in USA confidently.

But with so much on the list, how can you decide which USA university fits your academic and professional interests? Consequently, the best way to do this is by referring to our simple list of factors that can help you choose your ideal USA university by the end of reading this blog.

Let’s proceed!

Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing One Of The Best US Universities

Making an academic investment to study in USA requires a crucial research process. International students should ensure that their chosen academic institution fits their academic and professional needs accordingly. Thus, to ensure you don’t miss the crucial elements, here is a list of factors to consider when selecting your ideal university or college in the USA.

  1. Identify your academic interest

Before selecting any top-ranking universities to study in USA, you should first list your academic and career goals. For instance, if you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, pursuing a course program in business will prove to be a better choice. It is advised that you list your goals and conduct good research to understand what course programs can help you achieve them. 

  1. Shortlist from the best universities in USA

Once you have identified your goals, it’s time to search for those USA universities that can help cater to these goals. For instance, if you’re looking to pursue engineering studies in USA, availing a degree from universities such as Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ideal. The reason is that these universities offer better faculty and educational support a student requires to excel in the engineering field. Also, if you wish to learn more about what a university can offer you, it is advised to attend university fairs.

  1. Choose a highly-ranked university

Close to 200+ USA universities are listed on the QS World University Rankings for 2023. It is suggested that international students should invest in a well ranked US university, as earning a degree from there can enhance their career opportunities better. Let’s understand this with an example.

Say that you wish to pursue a degree in psychology in USA. Multiple well-suited USA universities, such as Columbia University, Harvard University, etc., can offer excellent education in this field. Upon graduation, when you apply for jobs, seeing a reputed university on your resume will spark better attention among recruiters. Thus, this will increase your chances of availing your dream job faster. Choosing from a university ranking list creates an impressive background that will impact your next academic or professional journey.

  1. Research your course program

This is one of the most crucial factors when considering the best university or college for international students to study in the USA. Every USA university has a dedicated website for the course program you wish to pursue. There will be a detailed insight into the course curriculum and topics you will learn each semester.

Ensure your academic interest is appropriately being covered in the curriculum as well. For instance, if you wish to become an entrepreneur, there are multiple aspects you should know, such as business, marketing, finance, etc. Ensure the course curriculum covers all these topics. Another essential factor you should consider when analysing your course program is the updating status.

The market will continue to evolve with time. There will be multiple new skills which the current job market will demand. Thus, you must ensure that those skills can be learnt via the selected course program. If required, speak to the university and inquire how often your course curriculum is updated.

  1. Check the admission requirements

To get accepted at your dream university in the USA, it is essential to pass through all the admission requirements listed on the university’s official website. Check the entry requirement and analyse what is expected of you. For instance, most universities enquire for entrance exam scores such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc. Ensure you cater to all the conditions listed and make the required admission decisions accordingly.

  1. Check for financial aid opportunities

Investing in a university or college that offers multiple kinds of financial aid is always better. The purpose of financial aid is to support students financially to help cover expenses such as tuition fees, rent, etc. These can be bursaries, grants, fellowships, and the most popular are scholarships to study in the US. Check the financial aid page of every USA university and apply to those that match the course program you wish to pursue.

  1. Do a campus tour

You will be spending a minimum of more than one year at the USA university campus for your studies; thus, it is suggested that you either visit your campus or conduct a virtual tour before you make an academic investment. It is essential to learn more about a place in which you will spend most of your time in. A good campus tour can help you learn multiple things, such as:

  • What are the educational facilities provided?
  • Where are your classrooms?
  • How does your campus look like?
  • Where are your student accommodations?
  • How extensive is your library?
  • What are the amenities offered at the university for international students? and more.
  1. Check university reviews online

Before you finalize any USA universities, hearing what past students have to say about this institution is essential. Check social media, university pages, and online review sites such as Quora to learn better about the university from a student or parent’s point of view. Once you have your reviews in place, it becomes easy to compare which US university ideally fits your academic, social and professional needs.

  1. Connect with the alumni

A USA university will always have an extensive and diverse alum network. One perk of having a broad alumni community is the opportunity to build meaningful networks. The latter can go on to assist you better in making the right academic choices and help you score a well-paying job that matches your career goals.

  1. Analyse the cost of education

Most students take a step back when pursuing their higher education in the USA. One of the top reasons is the high cost of education. It is advised first to list your monetary budget. Shortlist the USA universities accordingly based on how much you can spend on your educational expenses. The cost of education in USA can go up to $80,000 annually based on the course and degree program chosen.

Did you know that USA also offers an affordable cost of education? If you’re a student with a tight budget, you can opt to pursue your study programs at public universities and community colleges. These academic institutions are famous and offer valuable education at an affordable rate. The cost of education here can range anywhere between $10,000 to $22,000 annually.

  1. Check for on-campus housing

As a first-time student travelling to USA for studies, it is suggested to start living in the on-campus housing available. Almost all USA universities offer different on-campus housing, such as private and shared accommodation. Students can choose the type of food and accommodation as per their lifestyle. After completing a year, students can move towards off-campus housing, including staying outside the campus via private apartments or with a family.

  1. Learn about your tutors

Another factor you should consider when selecting a USA university is the tutor community. Learn about the academic and professional background of your tutor. Research or speak to them in order to learn about their experience to prepare you well with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue your course program.

A good tutor will find ways to enhance your learning experience during your study period. From helping you clear doubts or providing individual attention when learning, a tutor is equally responsible for shaping a student’s future. Thus, it is vital that you choose good tutors that can educate you well. Also, check the student-faculty ratio to understand your class sizes better.

  1. Check the educational facilities

A good USA university will always exhibit upgraded and updated educational facilities. In this country, the focus of learning is centred on students. This means a university will offer various educational facilities to enhance the practical learning of a student. Ensure your ideal university offers everything you need to extract better academic value from the course program selected. This includes updated technology, well-equipped laboratories, etc.

  1. Read about the diversity at the campus

Any USA university you choose must have a good count of international students from across the globe. Don’t limit your stay in the USA for academic purposes alone; use it as an opportunity to learn about new cultures. It is good to apply to a USA university that exhibits a diversity of cultures on its campus.

  1. Analyse the teaching method

The teaching method is one of the crucial processes to consider when applying for any USA university. Move away from those universities and colleges that depend purely on theoretical learning alone. Instead, focus on academic institutions that offer interactive learning, debates, classroom engagement and more.

  1. Understand how the university can enhance your academic learning

Apart from checking the universities ranking, dive deep into understanding what other academic offerings a USA university provides. This should include indulging you in multiple workshops or seminars related to your course program, having a practical learning class session with experts in your field and more. Choose a university that goes above and beyond to enhance your academic learning with them.

  1. Check for potential career opportunities

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a USA university is how they can assist you in finding a job. Opt for a USA university that offers you the following:

  • Great internship opportunities
  • Guidance to crack professional interviews
  • Assistance in building your resume or CV
  • Offers great campus placement opportunities
  • Partnered with the best brands in the USA
  • University exhibits a reasonable graduation employability rate
  1. Analyse the university location

Choosing the right location also matters when applying to any USA university. Ask yourself the following questions before making an academic investment:

  • Where is the university located?
  • Is it a student-friendly area?
  • What is the locality like?
  • Will I be staying in a safe neighbourhood?
  • What is the crime rate?
  • Are local shops or medical centres close to the university?
  • How is the nightlife like in the area?
  • Is there suitable off-campus housing available?
  • How is the transport facility in the area?
  • Are there any places to explore in the area?
  • How is the climate in the area? Will I be able to adjust to the climate?
  • Are any corporate hubs situated in the area?

You will be living most of your early years at this university location; thus, choosing a university location that matches your lifestyle is better.

  1. Assess the extra-curricular activities offered by the USA

Apart from offering the best academic study, ensure the USA university also offers a range of extra-curricular activities. The latter is excellent to help you build skills in various sectors that could align with what is required in your career journey. For instance, if you’re looking to start your career in sales, developing good communication skills helps. Thus, joining a club such as Toastmasters can help improve your conversations.

  1. Confirm the opportunity for part-time work while studying

All international students can work in part-time jobs on-campus for up to 20 hours per week. Part-time jobs are a great way to earn additional income to cover your academic and personal expenses during your study period in the USA. Ensure the university you enroll in confirms the same.

  1. See if the university offers majors related to your course

Once you complete pursuing a degree program, most students either start working or wish to specialise in a course program. If you wish to do the latter, ensure the USA university you are enrolled in offers a list of majors that matches your course interest.

  1. See if student support services are available at the university

A good USA university should always provide student support services to assist international students during their weak times. These services could include anything related to mental health, wellness session and more. Remember to invest in a university that also cares to invest in you.

  1. Speak to a study abroad counsellor

Choosing the right university or college to study in the USA can be a tough decision to make. While your friends and family can assist you in this, it is better to seek the advice of experts who are experienced and skilled in the study abroad space. With the help of a study abroad counsellor, you can learn everything you need to know about the academic space in the USA.


Once you shortlisted your list of the best universities in the USA, it’s time to compare them all together to help you choose the ideal academic institution aligned with your study and work interest. Ensure you select one university that either caters to all the above-listed factors or covers most of them from the list. After selecting your university or college, it’s time to begin the academic admission process. Book a free 1-1 counselling session with our expert counsellors to seek guidance on finalizing your ideal USA university!

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