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Everything You Need To Know About Grade Point Average (GPA)

One of the vital factors which most universities abroad consider when analysing a student’s admission application is their GPA points. Every university’s GPA scale requirement can vary based on the courses chosen. If you are applying to pursue higher education abroad, it’s important that you exhibit a good GPA score. But before you can divulge into the world of cumulative GPA or weighted GPA, it is essential to first learn the basics. Thus, to help you understand better, this blog covers all the related information you need to know about what is GPA.

What are GPA Scores?

GPA (Grade Point Average) scores help university recruiters to analyse a student’s academic performance as per a semester, term or year. GPA scores are scaled from either 0- 4.0 or 0-5.0 as per the type of GPA score submitted. To calculate an approximate GPA score, students can follow the simple formula, total grades multiplied by number of credits for each grade and divided by total credit points for each course.

Here’s an example to help you understand better:

Science = 3 credits (GPA score = 3)

Math = 5 credits (GPA score = 5)

English = 4 credits (GPA score = 4)

(3 * 3) + (5*5) + (4*4)

9 +25+16 = 50/12 (divided by total number of credits= 3+5+4 = 12)

Total GPA score = 4.16

However, to secure accurate GPA score values, students must use an accepted GPA calculator – examples include WES, Scholaro, Calculator.net, Grantunity, Unipage, Edupass, etc.  Most of the universities also offer a GPA calculator to help you easily determine your GPA scores. A few of them include University of Manitoba, University of California, Berkeley, University of Newcastle, Cleveland State University, University of Kansas, and others.

GPA scores can also be understood via a GPA scale. Based on the grades achieved, students can easily analyse their grade points accordingly. Here is what it looks like:

Grade  GPA Point 
A+  4.0 
A-  3.7 
B+  3.3 
B-  2.7 
C+  2.3 
C-  1.7 
D+  1.3 
D-  0.7 

Also, if students score a good GPA point, the following benefits can be availed: 

  • Get accepted to study at your dream university 
  • Access meaningful financial aid options 
  • Ability to join student organizations 
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities 
  • Exhibits a great impression amongst company recruiters with regard to your academic performance 

Types of GPA Scores

Most universities enquire about various kinds of GPA scores. Based on this, international students will submit their GPA scores accordingly. There are four types of GPA scores which most universities abroad ask for. The list includes: 

  1. Cumulative GPA (CGPA): A CGPA will calculate the overall academic score of a student throughout their academic years. The score can vary accordingly. 
  2. Weighted GPA: Weighted GPA scores are calculated by including an additional score point if a student is or has pursued a course which is on a difficult level. For instance, say that a student has scored an A+ in English; as per the GPA scale, the score will be 4.0, but on weighted GPA, It will 5.0. To calculate weighted GPA, add the total number of GPA points as per the courses undertaken. Then you divide the total GPA points by the number of courses undertaken, and you’ll get your weighted GPA score. 
  3. Unweighted GPA: One of the key differences between weighted and Unweighted GPA is the calculation of student scores. No additional scores are calculated even if a student has pursued a course that is on a difficult level. To calculate an unweighted GPA, follow the same formula as the weighted GPA. 
  4. Overall GPA: Overall GPA calculates the complete academic performance of a student irrespective of the subject or specialization chosen.  

Accepted GPA System as per Study-Abroad Destinations

Before you send in your GPA scores, you need to first analyse how your GPA score conversion should be. For instance, if you’re from India, the universities follow a 10-point GPA system. So, if you’re planning to apply for higher studies in the USA, the latter follows a 4-point GPA system, which means you will be required to convert your GPA scores.  

Before we can head to the conversion part, let’s first understand the GPA system followed by popular study abroad destinations: 

Study-Abroad Destinations  Accepted GPA System 
USA  4-point GPA 
UK  Firsts, 2.1, 2.2 
Australia  4-point GPA and 7-point GPA 
Canada  4-point GPA and 9-point GPA 
Ireland  Cumulative grade point (maximum 600) 
New Zealand  Letter Grade (A+ to E) 
France  20-point grading scale 
Germany  5-point GPA or 6-point GPA 
Netherlands  10-point GPA 
Switzerland  6-point GPA 
Singapore  4-point GPA and 5-point GPA 

Conversion Process of GPA Points

Most countries, such as India, measure a student’s academic performance in a cumulative GPA format which is on a scale of 10 points. Such countries also make use of percentages to analyse a student’s performance. However, when applying to abroad universities, a GPA score is required to be submitted as per the admission process there. Thus, you will have to convert CGPA score to GPA.  

To do the same, a formula can be used: 

Your CGPA score divided by the CGPA score achieved by your batch topper and multiplied by 4.0 (GPA score). 

For instance, if you have a CGPA score of 7 and the CGPA score of your batch topper is 9. So, it will be 7/9 = 0.777777778 * 4 = 3.1 (final GPA score).  

Here is a simple table that can also help you analyse your CGPA and GPA score accordingly.  

GPA Points  Grade  Percentage 
90% - 100% 
80% - 89% 
70% - 79% 
60% - 69% 
Less than 60% 

Note: The GPA calculations shown above are rough calculations that can be used for your reference. However, in order to retrieve a correct GPA score, it is advised that you make use of related softwares that will provide accurate GPA scores as accepted by your respective universities. To help you calculate accurate GPA scores, you can also connect with the experts at Collegepond. 

How to Submit Your GPA Scores to Universities?

Your GPA score is a vital document that is required to be attached when submitting your admission application form to your dream university abroad. Here is how you submit the same: 

  • Calculate your GPA score: Check the universities GPA grading system and ensure your GPA scores are converted accordingly 
  • Submit an official transcript: Ask your previous academic institution to submit an official transcript wherein all related information, such as your GPA scores, courses undertaken and academic grades, are mentioned. 
  • Check university website: Each university will have their set of instructions when it comes to how a student should submit their GPA score. Ensure you follow the same. 
  • See the submission format: Most universities will also list down how they wish for you to submit your GPA scores. This includes electronic submission or physical submission. If the former is chosen, then you will have to create an account on the university admission page and upload the documents. If you’re required to submit your scores physically, the same can be done by sending a mail to the mentioned address. Ensure you pay any related fees accordingly. 

What is Considered a Good GPA as per Abroad Universities?

Most universities abroad require a GPA score that is 3.0 and above. However, there are also other universities, such as Adelphi University (USA), Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and more, that enquire for a GPA score of 2.0. It is advised that students visit the universities official website to claim the exact GPA score required.  

Tip: The best way to enhance your GPA points is to perform well during your academic learning. In case a student fails to exhibit a good GPA score in one semester but does well in the rest of the semesters, this low score will not impact your overall GPA score badly. The best ways to increase your GPA score would be: 

  • Attend your academic sessions regularly 
  • Seek the help of a tutor in case of any doubts or queries 
  • Practise studying regularly. This will help you focus on your weak areas better 
  • Create a study plan that helps you cover your entire syllabus 
  • Attend more group studies or stay back after class to understand complex topics better 


To increase your chances of enrollment at leading universities abroad, have a sound knowledge of what is a good GPA in university. This detail can help you prepare well for your current academic study and significantly enhance your chances to pursue education at your dream university. Once you have your GPA scores in hand, your next step should be to apply to your dream university. Searching for the right university and understanding what is required in the application process can be confusing. Thus, we suggest booking a free 1-1 counselling session with our experienced counsellors, who can guide you better in this process.  

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