Young Leaders Program at Indian School of Business

Young Leaders Program at Indian School of Business
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Young Leaders Program at Indian School of Business


The ISB Young Leaders Program (YLP): Young Leaders Program at Indian School of Business

This is a foundation program that allows students to continue the prestigious Post Graduate Program in Management at ISB. It allows students of high potential still in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program to enroll for the MBA before they leave college.

This program is meant to prepare students for success in their professional career and more immediately for the graduate program in Management at ISB.

The YLP is a mix of campus and online learning which has a strong focus on mentorship and feedback from the ISB faculty. The learning is meant to eventually integrate with the ISB Graduate coursework.

Admission Stages: 

 It is a 3 stage process of application and evaluation. The dates are announced on the ISB website. Students are chosen based on their academic and extracurricular activities.

Application and Admission:

The 3 stage process assesses your analytical and academic merits as well as your personal attributes and leadership potential. 

Stage 1- Submission of application with one essay and application fee.
Stage 2- Test scores like GMAT/GRE, Two essays and 1 evaluation.
Stage 3- Interview 

By October, students have their admission offers in hand, while they are in their final year in college. So even before students have their degrees in hand, they have an admission offer already waiting.

The selected students attend four intensive weekend learning sessions spread across six months which gives them an overview of ISB’s learning experience. They are mentored by experts, who help them transition from college to the competitive professional environment. It helps them develop leadership skills and identify their career goals. These sessions focus on issues that include requirements of the course, careers and opportunities, problem-solving in the corporate world, presentation skills and relationship management. 

Additionally, these sessions help students interact with peers who come from varied backgrounds as well as the alumni. They also become ready to face the ISB PGP program two years later. During these two years, the students are expected to work for at least one year nine months to move to the graduate program. Once they join the graduate program they become part of the regular ISB PGP class.


Collegepond provides the following services for budding students to be part of the unique Young Leadership Program at ISB. The program is open to students in their penultimate year of their undergraduate study. 

We provide extensive services at the following stages of application:

Stage 1:
90-sec video ideas 
Essay Writing Feedback
Recommendation Feedback 
Resume Writing

Stage 2:
GMAT Preparation
Essays Preparation and Feedback
Recommendation Evaluation  

Stage 3:
Mock Interviews 
More Details about the Program can be found at

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