University of Washington Personal Statement

University of Washington Personal Statement
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University of Washington Personal Statement


Following is a sample of a Personal Statement for Masters abroad, along with a prompt given by the university:

The University of Washington seeks to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. How would you contribute to this community?

India is a melting pot of diverse cultures where countless religions have peacefully coexisted over centuries. Living amidst a rich synthesis of values, beliefs, communities, and religions, I reflexively learned to respect the beliefs and traditions of other people just as others have respected mine. On the virtue of being part of a social set up widely acclaimed for its unreserved acceptance and amalgamation of different cultures, these virtues and values are central to my identity and will go a long way in replicating a similar culture at the University of Washington. 

I strongly believe the acceptance of differences between diverse cultures and mindsets is integral to building a universal community where everyone is enriched by the rich exchange of ideas and creativity. Fortunately, I was presented with numerous opportunities to interact with students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and distinct outlooks during my high school days. While these interactions provided a suitable platform to understand and accept each other’s sensibilities and viewpoint, it also taught me how to connect to people on a deeper level. Further, it made me realize the importance of open communication in forging strong human bonds.  Frank dialogues are the key to the exchange of genuine opinions and experiences and greatly facilitate learning and growth. I always made a conscious attempt to retain my unique identity but at the same time always looked for opportunities to learn from the others people’s ideas and ingenuities. I realized that our sensitivities, evaluations, and perceptions enhance when we meet people from different backgrounds.

I bring to table a broadminded approach, openness, and acceptance for diversity and will take every possible effort to transmit the same spirit to the student community at this university. I eagerly look forward to becoming a part of the rich, diverse community at the University Of Washington and widen the vistas of my personality.

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