Which universities offer MS in Biomedical Engineering?

Which universities offer MS in Biomedical Engineering?
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Which universities offer MS in Biomedical Engineering?


As opportunities for research and development abound, biomedical engineering has metamorphosed from being an inter-disciplinary field to being a specialisation and field by itself. Biomedical engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes such as diagnostic or therapeutic. This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to advance health care treatment, including diagnosismonitoring, and therapy

Biomedical engineers design instruments, devices, and software used in healthcare; bring together knowledge from many technical sources to develop new procedures; or conduct research needed to solve clinical problems. They design electrical circuits, software to run medical equipment, or computer simulations to test new drug therapies. In addition, they design and build artificial body parts, such as hip and knee joints.

In some cases, they develop the materials needed to make the replacements for body parts and design rehabilitative exercise equipment. The opportunities would include roles such as biomedical scientist, forensic scientist, healthcare scientist – clinical biochemistry, healthcare scientist – genetics, healthcare scientist – haematology, healthcare scientist – immunology, microbiologist and physician associate. 

US universities offering the program lookout for students with a good GRE score of 300 and above. They also need a TOEFL score of 94 and above to get into a good school. For pursuing individual tracks, students need to have taken the below mentioned foundation courses in the table. However, applicants lacking some of these courses may be considered for admission with stipulated deficiencies that must be satisfied in addition to the requirements of the degree program.

Attributes required for specific tracks:

Below is a list of universities offering Masters in Biomedical Engineering (in no particular order):

  1. University of Wisconsin Madison
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. Ohio State University 
  4. Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
  5. University of California Davis
  6. Vanderbilt University
  7. University of Washington St. Louis
  8. University of Rochester
  9. University of Iowa 
  10. Drexel University   
  11. State University of New York, Stony Brook
  12. University of Southern California
  13. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  14. University of Illinois Chicago
  15. University of Florida 
  16. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  17. University of Alabama at Birmingham 
  18. Virginia Commonwealth University

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