Undergrad Essay for University of Michigan

Undergrad Essay for University of Michigan
Undergraduate Tests & Applications

Undergrad Essay for University of Michigan

Sample UG Essay For Michigan University

Essay #2 (Required for all applicants. 500 words maximum)
Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests?

The University of Michigan stands for much more than the epitome of academic erudition; it represents a school that aims to nurture a certain pedigree of students that share a unity of purpose in changing the world for the better. Apart from being highly ranked for its academic quality, rigor and illustrious alumni, what really attracted me towards the University of Michigan was the truly holistic university experience within and beyond the classroom, that it offers, and the endless opportunities that an undergraduate degree from such an internationally renowned university will open for me.

The Ross School of Business is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, intensive pedagogy and state of the art facilities that provide one of the most complete business educations in the country. Along with these factors, being surrounded by an intellectually curious and a competitive student body will ensure that I put my best foot forward and challenge myself to surpass what I consider to be my potential.

A thorough understanding of business requires skills that extend beyond simple academics. Instead, the study of business incorporates knowledge from myriad fields, which is the kind of education I believe Ross can provide me with. I feel that in recent years, business education has failed to keep up with the technological advancements and continues to be mainly taught as a theoretical subject without an understanding of its real-world implications. However, what separates Ross from the other business schools is that it continues to be dynamic and holistic in its methodology of imparting business education by ensuring that its curriculum is in harmony with the latest trends in business. For instance, the trading floor present in the university presents students with a unique opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge to further elucidate their understanding of the concepts. Students studying at the Ross School of Business also have access to several internships, as well as opportunities to participate in a foreign exchange program. That is something that interests me greatly as I believe that it will add an entirely new and enriching dimension to my college experience.

With the privilege of learning from teachers that are pioneers in their branches of study, a student faculty ratio of 15:1, a breathtaking campus and innumerable clubs to participate in, I am certain that the university will provide me with enough opportunities to discover and express myself. From an international student’s perspective, the diversity of the student body at the University of Michigan will play an important role in expanding the horizons of my knowledge, as it means I will be able to appreciate and learn from a variety of interesting opinions and beliefs. This will also help me in developing people skills, which is essential for success in business.

Taking all these factors into consideration, I believe that University of Michigan fits into my criteria of a university that can help me in becoming successful both academically and as a person that works towards the continuous development of himself and those around him.

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