Terms and Conditions


These conditions will govern all the services provided by Collegepond (for the sake of brevity “The Company/Collegepond”). By signing the registration form, the customer/student acknowledges that he or she has read these conditions and agrees to be bound by each of them. Collegepond shall not be bound by any agreement which differs from these conditions unless such agreement is in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Collegepond.


Collegepond does not guarantee results. However, Collegepond helps customers/students in achieving their academic and career objectives. The Company’s prior year results are representation of the Company’s capabilities. The Company works in the best interest of its students and assists on a Best Effort basis. Thus, the students/customers should not by no means construe as any form of 100% results or guarantee.


Collegepond explicitly condemns plagiarism and copying. The Company is not responsible for identifying plagiarized pieces of work related to Essay writing. Collegepond accepts no responsibility if the customer is denied admission because of plagiarism and/or copying.


Collegepond is not responsible if the student does not adhere to deadlines as agreed upon at the time of Registration. The University/School/College applications are time bound in nature and it is the customer’s/student’s responsibility to ensure that the applications are submitted within the prescribed deadline. Documents for review should be uploaded on Converge at least 10 days prior to the deadline. Failure to do so may result in the deadline not being met. The Universities also change / update their deadlines on their websites, hence we request the students to check the university official website for the exact dates.


Collegepond does not write essays, recommendations and resumes for its customers/students. However, the Company shall assist and guide its customer/student in brainstorming, scripting and presenting the customer’s/student’s strengths in essays, recommendations and resume in a succinct and effective manner. Collegepond is not responsible if any customer/student applies directly to the University/School/College without updating Collegepond and submits incomplete application to the University/School/College.


Collegepond will propose and suggest its customer/student to apply from the list of the University/School/College as provided by the Company for the best interest of its customer/student. It is the customer’s/student’s responsibility to research the University/School/College and determine whether it is a “good fit”. The Company does not take any responsibility of its customer/student, if the customer/student applies to any other University/School/College outside the proposed list of University/School/College as provided by the Company. The Company does not take any responsibility for the school list the customer applies to and ultimately decides to go to.

7. ENTRANCE EXAM PREPARATIONS (for combo-package)

a. Collegepond shall share the entrance exam preparation lecture schedule beforehand with the customers/students.
b. In case of any exigency/unforeseen circumstances, the lectures will be rescheduled and the customers/students will be duly informed about the same.
c. Online study material, topics wise test and full-length test will be provided.
d. The coaching course is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of your enrolment.

Collegepond does not prepare any financial documents for its customers/students. Further, Company is not responsible for generating resources to pursue education. The Company will suggest its customers/students a list of prominent Financial Institution from where the customer/students can get their desired finances and facilitate the loan acquisition and disbursement process subject to fulfilling requirements of financer/lender. Collegepond does not guarantee that a lender will sanction the loan.


Collegepond will provide assistance to ensure that the customer/student is prepared for the Visa Interview for obtaining a visa to pursue higher education abroad. Though the Company has a substantial amount of success rate over the last decade for assisting its customer/student for obtaining the Visa, the Company does not take any responsibility should the customer be denied a visa to pursue further education.


Collegepond will work on a best effort basis to help customers/students network with industry professionals with an objective to secure internship and full-time jobs. The Company does not take any responsibility if the customer is unable to secure an internship or full-time job.

11. FEE

Collegepond provides different Modules to the student based on their requirement. Each odule shall have a different Fee. The students shall contact the office for the Fee Structure for the module opted by the Students. The students are required to pay the entire Fees and there shall be no installments unless the company floats any promotional schemes. The Fees once paid shall not be refunded fully, Collegepond shall retain a minimum of Rs.15,000/- exclusive of GST for any module selected by the Student.


Collegepond has the right to terminate its services should the customer/student not pay the payment as agreed upon at the time of registration. Collegepond is not liable for any consequences or damages that the customer may incur as a result of terminating its services.


a. Collegepond will provide a refund in accordance with the following schedule should the customer decide to terminate the services.
b. Collegepond will retain a minimum of Rs.15,000/- exclusive of GST towards the services acquired from the complete package. The refund amount is calculated from the total cost of the complete package at the time of enrolment.

Stage of Service Undergraduate Graduate MBA
Stage One: Career Counselling 50% refund 50% refund 50% refund
Stage Two: School Selection 25% refund 25% refund 25% refund
Stage Three: Essays 0% refund 0% refund 0% refund
Stage Four: Visa Counselling 0% refund 0% refund 0% refund


If a customer/student is applying for more than one course, additional charges will be applicable.


Collegepond allows customers/students to defer their counselling services to the subsequent year free of cost with certain conditions as enumerated below should the customer/student decide not to go in the current year.
a. If the customer/student did not receive any admit, counselling services will continue without any additional charges.
b. If the customer/student initiated the application process, but did not apply to any school and decides to defer, counselling services will continue without any additional charges provided it’s the same course / field.
c. If the customer/student initiated the application process, but did not apply to any school and decides to defer but applies for a different course/field, then he/she will be charged Rs 10,000/- additional.
d. If the customer/student has received admit/s and decided to defer his decision to the following year, Collegepond will charge 75% of the fees for the services that are duplicated.
e. If the customer/student does not adhere to the university selection list provided by Collegepond and applies to his selected universities (i.e., only to ambitious and super-ambitious schools) and does not receive an admit and requires Collegepond’s assistance in university selection, drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, etc., Collegepond will charge 50% of the fees for the services that are duplicated.


All incidental expenses related to the application process such as University Application Fees, Test Preparation Exam Fees and Score Submissions, Courier Charges, Solvency Letter costs, etc. will be borne by the customer/student.


a. University names for Test Preparation Exams.
b. Students availing Combo pack shall be entitled for Notes, Mock Tests for students towards the preparation of Exam.
c. Students availing Combo pack shall be entitled for borrowing of GRE books from the Collegepond Library for a Limited time period.
d. Complimentary TOEFL/IELTS coaching for GRE coaching students only
e. Students applying for the USA Universities will get opportunities for mock interviews for Parent’s Visa.
f. Assistance with networking, resume and cover letter once the customer/student is abroad.


I/ We hereby authorise Collegepond and/ or its authorised university representatives/ education loan partners / employees to contact me on WhatsApp/Phone/Email/SMS, related to the products offered by them. This consent will override any registration for DNC/NDNC

I hereby agree with the above terms and conditions.
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