UK’s new skills based immigration system - how this is likely to benefit international students?

UK’s new skills based immigration system – how this is likely to benefit international students?
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UK’s new skills based immigration system – how this is likely to benefit international students?

UK’s new skills based immigration system

There is something to rejoice about for all those Indian students who have been experiencing a sense of despair with regards to UK education dream. UK’s decision to introduce a new skill-based migration policy underpins its resolve to redefine its future by welcoming the best and brightest of international talents to study and work in the UK.

How is the existing country-based immigration policy different from the proposed skill-based immigration system? How will the implementation of the new policy favor international students, especially from non-EU nations?

While UK always had one immigration system for non-Europeans and another for EU citizens, largely favoring EU nations when it came to education and job prospects, the new points-based system intends to treat both EU and non-EU citizens alike.

What this means is that the focus would be on providing equal study and work opportunities to meritorious and talented students and skilled professionals from the world over, including India to ensure that the UK remains one of the most sought after hubs for international talent.

The new immigration system aims at awarding points based on skill sets, qualifications, salary, and the type of profession being pursued by considering selection factors such as job offer, English proficiency, A level qualification and minimum annual salary of $25,600, which is now revised from the existing $30,000.

As the policy solely focuses on talent, skillsets and merit, irrespective of the nationality of students and professionals, aspiring work professionals from India will need to amass 70 points as qualifying criteria to enter UK to make good of their employment opportunities.

While exploring post study work options is an important factor for study abroad students while considering a destination, UK’s reinstatement of its two-year post-study work visa for international students in 2019, makes it all the more favorable for Indian students to study in the country and subsequently explore promising post-study job opportunities.

How International Students Stand to Gain in the Long Term

– Merit-based immigration system with relaxed qualifying norms as compared to country based system
– Phasing out capping norms for international students and retaining openness to study, stay and work
– Facilitating two years of staying back post-studies to explore employment opportunities
– Shorter degree programs as compared to other countries

While UK is renowned for its world-class education, diverse culture, and excellent quality of life, the most significant changes to the immigration system in more than 40 years make UK all the more appealing when it comes to zeroing in on a safe, progressive, and welcoming study abroad destination.

This surely comes across as welcome development and a favorable proposition for aspiring Indian students and working professionals with UK dreams to not only achieve their academic and professional milestones but also significantly contribute towards Britain’s business-friendly system, diverse society and dynamic economy.

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