Top Universities for MS in Public Health
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Top Universities for MS in Public Health


Top Universities for MS in Public Health

|Top Universities for MS in Public Health – This article lists the top universities for MS in Public Health| Top Universities for MS in Public Health 
Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree programs are professional degree alternatives to the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree for students who want more focused skills in a specific field of public health or who lack two years of health related work experience in order to begin or advance a career as a public health professional. The MSPH degree program combines intensive, focused coursework with field experience – providing students the opportunity to integrate their academic training with real-world public health practice. Top Universities for MS in Public Health 

Harvard University 
University of North Carolina— Chapel Hill 
University of Michigan— Ann Arbor 
Columbia University 
University of Washington 
Emory University 
University of Minnesota— Twin Cities 
University of California— Berkeley 
Boston University 
University of California— Los Angeles 
Tulane University 
University of Pittsburgh 
George Washington University 
Yale University 
University of South Florida 
University of Illinois— Chicago 
University of Iowa 
Ohio State University 
University of Alabama— Birmingham 
University of Texas— Houston Health Sciences Center 
University of Maryland— College Park 
St. Louis University 
University of South Carolina 
Drexel University 
University of Arizona (Zuckerman) 
University of Kentucky 
University of Massachusetts— Amherst 
University of Florida 
Colorado School of Public Health 
East Tennessee State University 
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
University at Albany— SUNY 
University at Buffalo— SUNY 
University of Georgia 
Oregon State University 
University of Oklahoma 
CUNY School of Public Health 
San Diego State University 
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Boozman) 
University of Louisville 
University of Nebraska Medical Center 
Loma Linda University 
University of North Texas Health Science Center 


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