Which are the top chemical engineering schools?

Which are the top chemical engineering schools?
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Which are the top chemical engineering schools?

Top scholls for chemical engineering

In the Masters degree program for Chemical Engineering, you learn to come up with solutions for problems related to process and product technology. Education and research are closely integrated within this Masters program, which helps you stay abreast of the latest developments within the discipline. You become familiar with all the latest tools and technologies used by chemical engineers. Following is the list for the top 50 universities for MS in Chemical Engineering:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of California— Berkeley

California Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of Minnesota— Twin Cities

University of Texas— Austin (Cockrell)

University of Wisconsin— Madison

Princeton University

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of California— Santa Barbara

University of Delaware

University of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign

University of Michigan— Ann Arbor

Carnegie Mellon University

Purdue University— West Lafayette

Cornell University

Northwestern University (McCormick)

University of Colorado— Boulder

University of Pennsylvania

Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)

North Carolina State University

Pennsylvania State University— University Park

Ohio State University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

University of California— Los Angeles (Samueli)

Rice University

Texas A&M University— College Station (Look)

University of Florida

University of Washington

Iowa State University

University of California— Davis

University of Notre Dame

Columbia University (Fu Foundation)

University of Southern California (Viterbi)

Case Western Reserve University

University of Maryland— College Park (Clark)

University of Massachusetts— Amherst

University of Virginia

Michigan State University

University at Buffalo— SUNY

University of Houston (Cullen)

University of Pittsburgh (Swanson)

Virginia Tech

Washington University in St. Louis

Arizona State University (Fulton)

Auburn University (Ginn)

Colorado School of Mines

Lehigh University (Rossin)

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey— New Brunswick

Vanderbilt University

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