What are the top fields for MS in US?

What are the top fields for MS in US?
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What are the top fields for MS in US?


After earning a Bachelors degree in one of the engineering fields, your next step would be to go to graduate school. But stepping into this field has manifold options. An engineering student going for Masters in Engineering is an antiquated approach. The world of education is in the midst of a metamorphosis. Why should you follow the beaten path? During the course of your Bachelors education, you may have developed an interest for something pertaining to the science field, but adrift from the core science subjects or interdisciplinary fields of science. Well, worry no more because there is a plethora of subjects that you can choose from to major in.

The field of sciences is witnessing a revolution with several neoteric subjects. The scope of studying in the science field has broadened to include:

MS in Sustainability Management

Due to a high demand in ‘green’ economy, an MS in Sustainability Management will prepare students to be an effective sustainability manager. This program incorporates environmental and sustainability management science and research, addresses issues of sustainability in organizational settings to increase efficiency and minimize financial losses and environmental impacts. 

MS in Supply Chain Management

This course focuses on the management of business activities ranging from product development, sourcing, production and logistics to managing the resources and other related capabilities that the organization needs to accomplish its strategic objectives. 

MS in Computer Game Development

Playing games is a child’s play but designing them is altogether another ball game. If designing games is where your passion lies, then an MS in Computer Game Development is the perfect program for you. This will include Computer science, computer graphics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, animation, software architecture and networking with a mixture of theory and practical. The program will include designing games for smart phones.

MS in Financial Engineering

This includes financial theory, methods of engineering, tools of mathematics and the practice of programming. This course is designed for students who want to make a career in the financial markets, whether it be commodities, equities, or derivatives. Graduates can avail of positions as traders, programmers at hedge funds, risk managers or quantitative analysts in corporate treasury and finance departments of general manufacturing and service firms.

MS in Marketing Analytics

There is a rise in the demand for marketers who can incorporate data in their decision making processes. This degree will enable students to acquire the skillsets to solve today’s marketing problems and be a part of the companies’ decision making processes. It includes processing of humongous data, designing robust analytical models and its interpretation, predicting the effects of a marketing campaign and undertaking customer analysis by developing an in depth understanding of mathematical and statistical models and tools. 

MS in Analytics

If calculus and linear algebra makes your heart drum with excitement then MS in Data science is the course for you. This course allows students to apply data science techniques to their field of interest. Students have to conduct original research, interact with industry partners and undertake capstone projects. 

MS in Real Estate Development

This course is focused on imparting knowledge and skills for confronting Real Estate Development issues ranging from planning and designing, to land usage and related environmental regulations that should be adhered to. Entrepreneurship, sustainable practice in construction and development, advanced finance procurement, global development, public – private partnerships and its social, economic and political impact will form a part of its curriculum. 

Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science

This program strikes a balance between formulation and management of public policy and a strong theoretical background in Environmental Science. In-depth investigation regarding problems of freshwater depletion, degradation in the context of demographic and economic development, scarcity of soil and water and efficient sustainable strategies will be a part of the core topics of study. 

Different avenues and fields due to an ever changing economy and evolving business needs can often put students in a quandary. To ease out any befuddlement, we at Collegepond have personalized intensive counseling sessions and aptitude and interest tests which will help to provide you with clarity and a sense of direction. We hope to bridge the gap between your capabilities and the needs of the industry. 

Science means that somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. The world has unlimited opportunities, so why settle for a commonplace degree? Rather settle for a Masters degree that not only adds to your education, but also resonates with your passion. 

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