What are the top 10 tech cities in USA?

What are the top 10 tech cities in USA?
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What are the top 10 tech cities in USA?


Trying to plan out your career path? Choosing the right location for your job search can significantly impact your opportunities and job prospects. We’re here to help you find the best cities in the US to be looking for IT jobs in 2013.

#1 San Francisco, California (and surrounding Bay Area)
Higher salaries match the higher living costs of San Francisco. Its proximity to Silicon Valley has molded the city into a tech hub, with some of the best known names in the business based here or nearby including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yelp. Top 10 cities for Tech jobs in USA.

#2 Washington, DC
The capital has seen a 20.6% growth in tech employment since 2001. Jobs in Washington encompass a broad variety including fields like computer systems design, custom programming, and private-sector research and development.

#3 Minneapolis, Minnesota
With the lowest unemployment rate of all the cities in the ranking and higher than average salaries, brought about by the large companies in financial services, health care, retail and manufacturing.  Overall, the region is home to about 200 tech startups, estimated Jeff Pesek, cofounder of the website  tech.mn , which covers the tech scene.

#4 St Louis, Missouri
It may be in the mid-west, but according to Forbes, St. Louis is actually one of the best cities for young professionals. With eight Fortune 500 companies headquartered here, and their overall size, each tends to hire individuals from within a broad range of backgrounds and skill sets giving employees an opportunity to use all their skills.

#5 New York
According to Cio.com, “high-tech and new media industries have taken a $9.2 billion toehold in the city, particularly in what’s termed Silicon Alley.”  With universities developing new campuses to meet the demand, New York has become a destination for startups and existing tech companies (like Google and Facebook), along with being the hub of the financial services industry. Recently, opportunities in insurance, infrastructure, cloud computing and media have also been increasing.

#6 Charlotte, North Carolina
An increase in population, moderately high salaries and low cost-of-living for make Charlotte perfect for job seekers. Major industries include banking, motor sports and defense.

#7 Boston, Massachusetts
From financial and insurance, to transportation and emerging technology like pharmaceuticals and biotech, software and Java developers are in demand. Companies are emphasizing “white glove customer service” and Cambridge Center has become a hotbed for startups, which are also providing opportunity for job seekers.

#8 Los Angeles, California
The tech industry in LA is full of IT jobs for those with the right skillset.  Java developers are in demand, and firms are looking for software and solutions architects and project managers. The healthcare and entertainment industries are seeing a great deal of opportunity, according to Modis, while finance IT jobs in 2013 may be winding down.

#9 Denver, Colorado
Denver is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the US and is home to a large, growing technology and telecommunications industries, and start-ups. Main industries for IT jobs are healthcare, retail, telecom, technology.

#10 Raleigh, North Carolina
CIO.com  stated the following as its reasoning for placing Raleigh high on the list of best cities for IT jobs: “With the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh has become a major player in research and an epicenter of tech innovation inside the U.S. The tech-friendly community boasts opportunities with biotech, pharmaceuticals, software development, medical devices and insurance companies.” The top industries in this area are in the technology, medical research,
healthcare and education sectors.

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