Introduction to SAT

The most successful way to enroll at your dream university abroad is to meet the required admission criteria. The admission process will vary accordingly based on the program and degree choice. While sending in academic transcripts is one aspect of the process, sending in the requisite entrance exam scores is another vital element. 

Entrance examinations are required from a student’s end to prove their efficiency in varying aspects important for academic excellence. A critical and highly popular entrance exam asked by multiple study-abroad destinations and universities abroad is the SAT for studying abroad, particularly for pursuing undergraduate programs abroad. 

As per the 2022 SAT suite of assessments annual report, 1.7 million high school students opted for the SAT exam at least once. This is a 1.5 million increase in student count from 2021. So if you’re looking to study abroad and are considering attempting the SAT exam, here is a complete guide to the A-Z process. 

Exam Highlights

The SAT exam includes multiple factors, such as eligibility criteria, scholarship opportunities, how to prepare for this exam, and much more. But before you can dive into any of them, having a basic understanding of this topic is required. Thus, here are some brief details related to the SAT that you should know at this stage. 

SAT Full Form Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAT Official Website
SAT Exam Duration 3 hours
SAT Conducted By CollegeBoard
SAT Score 400-lowest, 1600-highest
SAT Registration Fee $60
SAT Contact  The College Board National Office250 Vesey StreetNew York, NY 10281Phone: 212-713-8000

What is SAT?

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. Students looking to secure undergraduate admissions abroad must submit their SAT scores as part of the admission process. USA and Canada universities/colleges are popular study-abroad destinations, requiring students to submit SAT scores. However, other countries, such as Australia, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and many more, also inquire about this score. 

The SAT exam focuses on a student’s three core skills: critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills. Apart from this, students also have an essay option. Previously, the essay option was made mandatory for students to undertake, but since 2021, the option has been made optional. If students opt for the essay option, they must write an essay on an argumentative topic for 50 minutes. The SAT exam fees will also vary based on a student’s decision to opt for the essay. 

Scoring well on the SAT exam isn’t limited to getting accepted at your dream university/college. A good score can also help you take advantage of great scholarship opportunities. Having a scholarship means receiving better financial support. International students have to cater to multiple expenses, such as the payment of tuition fees, living expenses, healthcare, and much more. A scholarship can help provide financial assistance via grants, money, or expense coverage. 

Benefits of Writing SAT Exam

As per the CollegeBoard’s official website, 4000+ USA colleges/universities and 85 other study-abroad countries accept SAT scores as part of their admissions process. There are reasons for the high demand for this entrance exam. Thus, to help you understand this better, we have highlighted the four prominent benefits:

  • Higher Leverage than other students: Your dream university/college will undergo millions of application processes to find their ideal candidate. Thus the best way to capture the university’s attention towards your application is via your SAT score. A good SAT grade will create a better impression of your skills and command of the subject and enhance your application better. 
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Studying abroad doesn’t come easy on your pockets. A good SAT score can push you through a list of good scholarship opportunities. Based on your choice, the scholarship can help fund or cover most of your education and living expenses in a country. 
  • Job Opportunities: A good SAT score can help you work with top brands. These scores can be used when applying for a job. The scores exhibit each skill in the SAT exam giving employers better clarity on your professional capabilities. 
  • Fades Low GPA Score: There have been situations where a student has scored a lower GPA grade. However, universities abroad do retain the chances of such students if their entrance exam score is high. This means even if your academic performance is low, a good SAT score can give you a second chance for your admission application to be considered. 


Another entrance exam that has a similar definition to the SAT is the ACT. American College Testing, or ACT, analyzes students’ knowledge in four core areas, English, reading, mathematics, and scientific reasoning. 

Just like the SAT, the ACT is also a highly enquired entrance examination in most study abroad destinations, such as the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and much more. Since the ACT exam is required for undergraduate admissions like the SAT, most international students are confused about which exam can add more value to their application process. 

Here is an easy comparison table that can help you get started:

Distinguishing Factors SAT ACT
Exam Syllabus Reading, writing, mathematics, optional essay English, reading, writing, mathematics, science, optional essay
Exam Fees $60/ per registration $66-$91/per registration
Science Section No science syllabus Has a science syllabus that tests only science reading and critical thinking skills
Math Syllabus Covers Algebra 1 and 2, probability, arthimetic, trigonometry, geometry and also data analysis Covers same math syllabus as SAT but leaves out data analysis 
Essay  Section Analyzes a students comprehension skills Analyzes a student's analytical and evaluation skills 

As you can see above, the comparison between the SAT and ACT exams has a thin line of difference. The decision to choose between both varies from one student to another. As per US News and Reports, in 2022, the number of students who opted for the ACT during that time period was 1.35 million. The ACT student count is lower than the SAT’s 1.7 million student count.

Types of SAT Exam

One of the unique features of the SAT is the choice of exam formats the student can choose from. Previously, the SAT exam had two formats, SAT 1 and SAT 2. While the generic format of SAT 1 continued to stay, as per the 2021 change, the subject test SAT 2 has been discontinued. 

So students now have three types of SAT exam formats to choose from which are:

  • SAT 1
  • SAT Digital Exam
  • PSAT Exam

Let’s learn about each of them in detail:


SAT 1 is the general SAT paper pattern exam that analyzes written, verbal, and mathematical skills. Here, students will use the paper-pencil approach when choosing their multiple-choice answers. 

SAT Digital Exam

With everything going online, CollegeBoard’s latest addition, the SAT Digital Exam, follows the same route. Currently, Indian students are to get started with this exam immediately; however, US students can opt for this exam from 2024 onwards. 

The SAT digital exam will analyze students’ reading, writing, and mathematical skills. There will be no essay option for students to opt for. 

As the name suggests, SAT student aspirants will write this exam online. While introducing this latest addition, the SAT’s conducting head revealed three additional benefits that highlight the exam better. First, the test duration for the SAT digital exam will be two hours, score reports will be received in a matter of days, and calculators can be used in the entire math section. 

For students who are opting for this SAT online exam, there are a few requirements needed to help you get started. Ensure the following instructions are being followed:

  • A student should have a reliable device to conduct the test such as a Windows laptop/tablet, Mac laptop, iPad or a school-managed Chromebook. 
  • Before the test date, students will have to download a Bluebook to write the exam.
  • Head to the CollegeBoards official website by pasting this link,
  • Login to the app
  • Between 1-5 days, students will require to conduct a quick exam setup
  • The application will confirm that all requirements are being met via your device
  • You will see your test downloading and also avail of the admission ticket
  • Save the admission ticket to produce the same at the time of your exam date.


PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam students in high school can attempt. Writing a PSAT exam is not mandatory, and there will be no scholarship opportunities. However, students who plan to study abroad can attempt this exam for two reasons. 

One is getting an idea of how SAT works, and the second is helping them draft a good SAT plan for this exam. Indian students can also attempt this exam.

Duration of SAT

The SAT exam duration time will differ based on a student’s choice to opt for an essay. Apart from this, choosing a SAT exam format also impacts the exam duration time. Here are the complete details of the SAT exam durations to help you make a better choice:

Types of SAT Exam Duration
SAT Digital 2 hours and 14 minutes
SAT Exam (with essay) 3 hours and 50 minutes
SAT Exam (without essay) 3 hours

Eligibility Criteria For SAT

There are no set SAT eligibility criteria required for international students to take the test. However, a standard process has been followed over the years:

  • Students have no age limit restriction to write this exam. Ideally, students aged 17-19 apply because they’ve just graduated from high school
  • Students can apply for the SAT exam anytime and attempt the same up to 5 times a year.
  • There is no set educational background required; however, most students that appear for this exam have a high school certification

SAT Exam dates

The SAT exam dates are out for the current year. It is suggested that students considering the SAT exam check the SAT official website to obtain newer dates.

SAT Test Dates (Digital) Application Deadlines for Registration, Changes and Cancellations
March 11th, 2023 Feb 24th, 2023
May 6th, 2023 April 21st, 2023
June 3rd, 2023 May 19th, 2023

How Should Students Consider SAT Exam Dates?

Choosing the ideal SAT exam date is important. Students need to consider certain questions before paying the SAT registration fee to book their SAT exam date slots such as:

  • Which admission intake am I applying for?
  • If I choose the spring/fall intake, how many months I require to study for SAT?
  • Will I consider a retake in case if I’m not happy with my SAT scores?
  • How long do I need to complete the SAT syllabus?
  • Will I consider self-study or coaching centres to prepare for the SAT exam?
  • Will I be able to dedicate time to prepare for the SAT exam?
  • When is the admission deadline for my target university?

When you answer all the above questions, it becomes easy to choose an SAT exam date that gives you time to prepare and cater to all required admission actions, such as sending in the SAT scores. 

SAT Registration process

International students have two ways to register for the SAT exam, online and offline. Here is the complete process.

1. Online Registration

  • Head to the CollegeBoard’s official website and create your account

ID Requirements For SAT Exam

Any student appearing for the SAT exam should carry a valid ID proof along with them. Failure of the same can result in a student not being permitted to write the exam. The valid ID proof should be clear and properly exhibit information about a student. 

When submitting ID documents at the test centre, students should remember:

  • The ID should be government-approved
  • All ID proof should be original. Avoid exhibiting IDs in electronic or photocopied form
  • The ID should contain your name per legal records
  • The photo displayed in the ID should be clearly visible. When presenting photo IDs, ensure the image is clear and eliminates any spots, light flashes or darkness. 
  • ID proofs should be in proper condition

Most students have doubts about understanding what is considered a valid ID when appearing for the SAT exam. Here is a table that explains what IDS are/are not allowed to bring on your exam date to the test centre:

Examples of Accepted IDs Examples of Unaccepted IDs
Government-issued driver's license Documents that do not cater to the ID requirements of a student
Government-issued non-driver ID Documents that are not in a proper condition such as torn, damaged, etc
Student ID from the school you attend Document in electronic form
Government-issued passport Documents that have been digitally tampered with
US Global Entry identification card Any documents that are not considered a valid government ID,
Government-issued national identification or military card Credit or debit cards that hold your photo
Talent search identification forms (for students studying in 8th grade or below) Birth certificates
SAT student ID form (access the ID from the school you study or a notary in case of homeschooling) Social security cards
Aadhar card with photograph Employee ID card
Missing child ID card
Temporary IDs

Students should always have their valid ID proof and admission ticket with them at all times when appearing for the SAT exam. For Indian students, valid ID proofs that are accepted are government-issued passports and Aadhar cards. 

How to cancel an SAT exam?

A few students would usually cancel their SAT exam for multiple reasons, such as being unwell or catering to a personal emergency. In such cases, CollegeBoard makes it easy to conduct this process. To cancel the SAT exam, students should:

  • Login to their SAT account
  • See ‘I would like to menu’ and click on ‘Cancel my registration’

Students should know that no matter how early you cancel your SAT exam, you won’t get a full refund. In case a student withdraws from the SAT exam 5 days in advance, a refund of $10 will be given.

How to Postpone/Reschedule SAT Exam?

If a student doesn’t want to cancel their exam but opts for a reschedule option, CollegeBoard makes this process available too. To reschedule or postpone your SAT exam, students should:

  • Visit the CollegeBoards official website
  • Sign in to their account
  • Click on ‘My SAT’ page. All information related to their SAT registration date will be exhibited
  • Click ‘Change Registration’ under each test
  • It will lead you to a new page to view your admission ticket. Click ‘Change my test date’
  • You will be redirected to the test date page; choose another date
  • Confirm the information and pay the rescheduling fees
  • Upon completion of the previous step, an email confirmation of your admission ticket will be sent with your new test date.

If a student postpones/reschedules their exam before the regular application change deadline, a $25 fee is charged. If the same occurs after the regular application change deadline, $35 is charged.

SAT Exam Fees

Students will have to pay a SAT registration fee to complete their SAT booking process. The payment of fees will include registration fees and non-US regional fees. However, the difference in the fees will vary again based on a student’s choice to opt for the essay. 

Description Fee
SAT registration fee $60  (Approx INR 4,919)
Non-US Regional fee $49 (Approx INR 4,017)
SAT Exam with essay $68 + $49 = $117  (Approx INR 9,592)
SAT Exam without essay $55 + $49 = $104 (Approx INR 8,526)

SAT Cancellation Fees

Students who wish to cancel the SAT exam cannot claim a full refund of the amount. However, if they cancel five days in advance, they can claim $10.

SAT Rescheduling Fees

In case a student wishes to reschedule their SAT exam for any reason, a fee will be rendered based on the reason. Here is an overview:
Reason for Rescheduling SAT exam SAT Fees
Change in date or exam centre before application change deadline $25
Change in date or exam centre after application change deadline $35
Paying late registration fee $30
Conducted phone registration $15
Waitlisted $53

SAT Fee Waiver

SAT fee waivers are only applicable to USA students in the 11th and 12th grades who reside in USA territories or are US residents living outside the country. 

SAT Scholarships

Scoring a good SAT score can help yield better scholarship opportunities for international students. These scholarships help cover educational and other related expenses for students. Most universities abroad offer merit-based and different kinds of scholarships that a good SAT score can avail. Here are a few of them:

Scholarship Name Scholarship Description SAT Score Required Eligibility Criteria Amount
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship Applicable for students who wish to contribute to outside communities to make a change globally - Good academics and SAT scores $20,000 every year
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Applicable to only 500 students each year who wish to pursue a 4-year full-time degree in USA college/university - Good academics and SAT scores Up to $50,000 every year
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Students are financially sponsored to attend JFR’s conference in New York, financial support and pursue a 4-year program that covers internship, jobs, etc. 1000 Score 1000 in SAT exam $35,000 over four years
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program Pursue 4-5 years college program degree. 1000 Score 1000 in SAT exam $18,000
Matt Logies Memorial Scholarship Should be a child or Eaten Family Credit Union grandchild, pursue a business degree in the US, and have a GPA score of 3.0. 1500 Score 1500 in SAT exam $5000

SAT Exam Pattern

The SAT exam pattern will have the total number of questions as 154 (155 if an essay is opted). The exam lasts 3 hours and an extra 50 minutes if an essay is opted. The total score will be 1600.

Sections Sub sections Total no. of questions Time Score range
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Reading, Writing and language test Reading (52 questions) Writing and language test (44 questions) Reading- 65 minutesWriting and language test- 35 minutes 200-800
Mathematics Math with and without calculator  With calculator (20 questions)Without calculator (38 questions) With calculator (25 minutes)Without calculator (55 minutes) 200-800
Essay (Optional) - 50 minutes 2-8

SAT Exam Syllabus

The SAT exam syllabus is divided into multiple sections along with timings required to dedicate for each of them. The syllabus is what students have studied in their previous academics, making it easier to study the same. Here is the complete SAT exam syllabus overview:

Syllabus What is Covered?
Reading 5 passages, each 500-700 words.Includes passage from fiction work, economics/sociology/psychology or social science, US economic topics, and scientific discussion in biology/chemistry/physics/earth science. 
Writing 44 multiple choice questions answered in 4 passages.Includes questions from topics such as science, history, social studies and careers.Passages will also be where a student has to convince the reader of a topic/situation.
Math Includes 19 questions from algebra where you need to use formulas and solve equations17 questions related to solving data and analysing issues. Solve data-related queries and exhibit better math-solving skills.16 questions in advanced maths where students need to solve tough questions with the help of sums, expressions and formulas. 

SAT Cut-Off

When preparing for the SAT exam, it is always better if students understand what is the pass mark for the exam. In the case of the SAT exam, there isn’t a specific cut-off number. This is because cut-offs for this exam vary from one university to another. Based on the university and course choice, the SAT cut-offs will be different. 

Thus students need to check their chosen universities’ official websites to learn of the expected SAT scores. Here are a few examples:

University Name SAT Cut-offs
Harvard University 1480 -1600
University of Pennsylvania Approx 1500
University of Virginia 1330 - 1500
Brandeis University 1510
Carnegie Mellon University 1510
Yale University 1480-1600
University of Notre Dame 1410 - 1540
Cleveland State University 1100
University of Central Florida 1320
Boston University 1510

Process to Set Your Target SAT Cut-Off:

The simplest way to prepare for the SAT cut-offs is to identify what is the exact score required from your list of chosen universities to study abroad. Take an average from the list to understand the exact figure and create a study plan that helps you achieve that exact number. 

In order to prepare well for your SAT exam, you need to first understand what is your target cut-off. Having an understanding of this cut-off score will help you create a good study plan. Here are three ways of conducting the process:

  • Create a cut-off list: Based on the universities you wish to apply to abroad, check their official website to learn about their expected SAT cut-offs. 
  • Check the cut-off score for the 25th and 75th percentiles: If you have an understanding of these cut-offs based on the percentile it becomes easy to analyse the percentage of students that achieved it. For instance, if the cut-off mark for the 75th percentile is 1500, this means more than 75% of students have scored 1500 and above. 
  • Analyse your cut-off list: Now that you have complete details related to the SAT cut-offs from your chosen university, you need to identify the highest SAT score and start preparing your study plan to achieve the same.

Begin your test preparations by completing the GMAT Diagnostic Test.

How to Access SAT Results?

After completing the SAT test, students can receive SAT scores 14 days from the test date. Once your SAT results are out, you can visit the official SAT website to retrieve the same. Below are the following steps.

  • Head to the CollegeBoard official website.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on ‘My Organizer’.
  • Upon clicking, on the left side, click on ‘SAT Scores’.
  • Select ‘Access My Scores’.
  • Enter your username and password again.
  • Click ‘My Test Score’.
  • You will see your test scores displayed on the screen.


How to Send SAT Scores to Universities/Colleges?

International students can send their SAT scores to colleges/scholarship programs in two ways. One is during the registration for SAT, wherein you send your SAT scores immediately after their release without viewing them. This action lets you send up to 4 SAT score reports for free. 

Another method is to send the score after the latter has been released. Here is an overview of the process.

  • Log into your CollegeBoard account
  • If you’re eligible for a fee waiver, choose the same. If not, ignore
  • Head to the ‘Send SAT Score’ page
  • Choose which colleges/universities you wish to send your scores to via typing their name or code. If you send to more than one college, ensure it is added as recipient
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Take a final review and pay. You need to pay $12 for each university chosen

Fee waivers are available for US students from low-income backgrounds or economically challenged countries. However, it is essential to be updated with the recent rules to conduct the same via contacting CollegeBoard or visiting their official website. 

SAT Score Validity

SAT scorecards do not have an expiry date, which means their validity is forever. However, most universities abroad tend not to accept SAT scores that are five years old or longer. Thus, ensure you cater to the SAT scorecard timeline as per the universities demand. 

How to Re-Evaluate SAT Scores?

At times, students may not be content with the scores they’ve received. In such cases, these students would prefer opting for a reevaluation to recheck their scores. This process can be conducted here:

  • You must request a SAT score verification form.
  • Fill in the form with your details.
  • Choose your choice of verification, essay score or multiple choice hand verification (the process of checking the multiple choice manually by a human).
  • Make the payment ($55 and for fee waivers, $27.50). These fees are the same for both verification choices. 
  • Sign the form and send it to ‘SAT Program P.O. Box 025505 Miami, FL 33102.’

How to Cancel SAT Scores?

Sending in a good SAT score directly impacts your admission chances at your dream university. Thus, if you feel that you’re not satisfied with your performance after writing the SAT exam, you can immediately cancel the same. Here are two ways of conducting the process:

  • Test Centers: If you feel underconfident about the test you’ve just submitted, you can cancel the SAT score there. Ask your supervisor to share a ‘Request to cancel SAT scores’ form. Fill in the complete details and your signature and submit the same to the supervisor. 
  • Home: If you feel that the SAT exam doesn’t match your score expectations after coming home, you can cancel without visiting the test centre. First, you should write a cancellation request to CollegeBoard before 11:59 pm (IST) Wednesday after the exam date. Second, visit CollegeBoard’s official website to download ‘Request to cancel SAT scores’ form. Fill in the details and your signature and send the same via speed post or courier overnight to the US. 

Countries Accepting SAT Exam

Almost all of the study abroad destinations accepted SAT scores as part of their admission process. While the USA continues to seek demand for SAT scores, other countries also inquire about it. 

  • Finland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • France 
  • Italy
  • China
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • HongKong
  • Canada
  • Lebanon
  • Singapore

The SAT exam enquired by countries abroad has set regions too. Ensure you visit the country’s official website to access more on this list.

Colleges/Universities Accepting SAT Exams

There are multiple universities abroad that accept SAT scores as part of their admission process. The SAT scores can vary from one university to another. Here is a list of colleges/universities enquiring about the SAT scores and their expectations.

Country University Name SAT Score
UK University of Oxford 1470
UK University of Cambridge 1460+
USA University of California, Berkeley Maths- 630-750 Reading and Writing- 630-720
USA Yale University Maths- 730-800 Reading and Writing- 730-780
USA Princeton University Math- 720-790 Reading and Writing- 710 – 780
USA Columbia University Maths – 710 – 790 Reading and Writing – 700 – 780
Australia The Australian National University 1150 – 1480
Canada Dalhousie University 1100
France INSEAD 1100
Canada University of Manitoba 1100
USA Harvard Business School Maths – 730 – 800Reading and Writing – 730 – 790

It is suggested to visit the universities/colleges official admission page to access the expected SAT scores required.

Self-Study vs SAT Coaching Centres

When it comes to preparing well for the SAT exam, students are left confused with two options, should they opt for a self-study mode or seek the assistance of coaching centres? 

Let’s learn about the two learning methods in detail:


Students who are comfortable studying independently can opt for self-study. With the help of resources, sample papers, and a study plan, such students find it easy to practice the SAT syllabus on their own.


  • Ability to study anytime and anywhere.
  • Practice SAT syllabus at their time convenience.
  • Dedicates any number of daily hours to work on SAT mock tests.


  • It becomes difficult to solve questions alone if they are stuck.
  • Lack of motivation can develop over the course of time.

Coaching Centres

Students who require assistance to prepare for the SAT exam can seek help from SAT coaching centres. The perks of preparing for the SAT exam via coaching centres include receiving individual attention, access to well-experienced tutors who have trained SAT toppers, the ability to resolve doubts instantly, and much more. 


  • Opportunity to study with the best tutor who is well-skilled to train you
  • Can choose a schedule based on your personal commitments 
  • Tutors also share resource materials that can help enhance the student’s learning experience
  • Queries are instantly solved during the training class thus helping students understand their mistakes quicker.


  • Some coaching centres could be far for students, and thus there will be a travel convenience
  • Students will study in a batch which means independent training won’t be provided all the time

Top Tips to Ace SAT Exam

To do well in the SAT exam, students can use popular tips. These will help align study preparations better and garner confidence for students to score better. 

  • Create a study plan: Once you have chosen your exam date, create a study plan that helps you cover the syllabus and lets you revise towards the end. A study plan also helps you cover all the topics required to ace the SAT exam. 
  • List your motivations: You might sometimes feel demotivated since you’ll be preparing for multiple months to ace the SAT exam. The best way to get back on track is to list down the primary purpose of your attempting this exam. 
  • Practice daily: Conduct SAT mock tests daily to understand your syllabus knowledge. This helps you work on your skills better and learn from mistakes faster. 
  • Use minimal resources: Many resources are available online to learn for the SAT exam. Don’t invest in everything; choose just a few resources to serve you better. Always have SAT sample papers, as they are the best study resource. 
  • Work on skills: For the SAT exam, there are multiple skills to master, such as reading, writing and more. Focus on acing each of those skills in clever ways. For instance, to score better in reading, dedicate 1 hour to reading books and working on your language.
  • Focus on time management: You will have a set time to complete your SAT exam. It is better to conduct multiple SAT sample papers to understand how much time you should allot for each section. This helps you complete your exam and leave extra time for re-checks. 
  • Learn from your mistakes: Lastly, you will make mistakes. List down all the mistakes and work on rectifying them all. This leaves no room for errors. 

Tips to Ace each SAT Section

The SAT section is divided into multiple categories. Having bonus tips on acing each section can strengthen your study game. Here is an overview:

Tips for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Tips for Writing and Language Tips for Math
To capture the correct answers, read the passages thoroughly Answer questions as you read the passages Attempt as many questions as you can
Explain your valid points Answer to the point All formulas and concepts should be fluent in your mind
Time yourself to answer all questions from each passage Re-check your answers to exhibit the correct language skills Solve easy questions first, then move to medium and finally the hard

Best Books for SAT

To prepare for the SAT exam, there are tons of books available. These books can be purchased on popular platforms like Amazon, CollegeBoard and other websites. 

  • The Princeton Preview, SAT Premium Prep 2023: Includes 9 full-length practice tests, top techniques to achieve a high SAT score, section-wise subject review, etc. It offers a complete range of prepping well for the SAT exam. 
  • Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium 2023: Includes 8 practice tests and a comprehensive review of each section. This book has been updated as per the 2021 version. 
  • Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy: Includes 6 full-length practice tests and a new study guide to prepare for the SAT exam. The book is focused more on helping students look at SAT via continuous practice.
  • Kaplan’s SAT Total Prep: Includes 2000+ practice questions and 5 practice tests. Refer to this book as it is a 2022 version. 
  • CollegeBoard’s Official SAT Study Guide:  Includes 8 practice tests. It is better to refer to this resource since it is created by SAT’s official conducting head, CollegeBoard. 
  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide- Mike Mcclenathan: Includes 200 new practice questions to help students perform better in the SAT math section. A recommended book to have when learning math. 
  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar- Erica L. Meltzer’s, 5th edition: The book covers everything you need to know about learning grammar. It includes concepts, questions and much more. The books also offer multiple exercises for students to enhance their grammar skills. 
  • Barron’s SAT Reading Workbook, 2nd edition: Includes three full-length practice tests. The book has divided questions into A, B, and C. The difficulty level increases with each alphabet.

Why Use SAT Sample Papers?

The smartest way to prepare for the SAT exam is by referring to the SAT practice tests/ previous year’s sample papers. While studying the syllabus is one aspect, another important factor is to perform better in the exam. With sample papers, students will have clarity on what to expect for the next SAT exam and how to work on their time management skills.

You can visit ‘’ to access all relevant sample papers. Click on ‘SAT Practice and Preparation’ to access downloadable SAT practice tests. 

SAT Exam Centres

There are multiple SAT exam centres in India for students to choose from. The exam centres can be chosen according to your current residence and capacity to travel. Here is the complete process:

  • Visit ‘’
  • Click ‘SAT’, then ‘SAT Test Centre Search’
  • Choose the testing country, test date and location
  • Click on ‘Find a test centre’

Visit SAT’s official website to view the complete options of test centres available based on your location. 

Exam Day Tips

Considering the SAT exam preparation tips is one of the best ways to ace your SAT exam. Students prepare well for the SAT exam, but the nervousness one day before or during the exam can also impact their performance. Here are some SAT exam preparation tips to remember:

  • Don’t stress: Feeling nervous before the exam is normal. But don’t let the stress tamper your study preparations. Take a deep breath and start writing your exam. Divert your attention towards your goal to ace the SAT exam.
  • Revise: Don’t keep any last-minute studying one day before the exam. Keep the last few days as the revision period. This helps you remember what you studied and boost your confidence to do well on the exam day.
  • Analyse: When you receive the questions, don’t start immediately. Analyse all the questions to understand them better. This helps you attempt the easy ones first and gives you more time to crack the rest. 
  • Be on Time: Don’t be late for the exam. Arrive at the test centre at least 15-30 minutes in advance. 
  • Divide the time: When analysing your questions, plan where to divide your time. This helps you to complete the exam paper and provide extra time to recheck before submission. 
  • Attempt All Questions: The great factor about attempting the SAT exam is no negative marketing. Due to this, there is no point missing out on any questions if you don’t know the answer. It is suggested to attempt all questions as you may never know if an answer you doubted was true.
  • Bring Your ID: Students should know that ID proof is mandatory to attend and write the SAT exam. Students should have valid ID proof in the form of a passport or government ID. 



As an international student attempting to pursue SAT exams, there will be a few more queries you’ll have in mind. Here are the answers to most of those common queries. 

The difficulty/easy level of the SAT exam differs from one student to another. However, if students prepare for the SAT exam in advance and study well, scoring good marks here is possible

The SAT exam focuses on a student’s multiple skills, including math and English. There is no one focusing on any subject. 

If you’re applying to study abroad for an undergraduate program, SAT entrance exam proof is required. 

Yes, you can get a scholarship without writing the SAT, but the process will be slow. A good score on SAT helps you apply to the best scholarship programs where your chances to avail of the same will be high. 

It is better if Indian students score above 1000 on the SAT exam. Students should aim for 1200 and above to get accepted at top universities abroad. 

Upon receiving your SAT scores, you should immediately send them to the universities you wish to apply to abroad. 

With SAT digital, students can now write the SAT exam at home.

The SAT exam can be best cleared with regular studying. Students should create a study plan and practice months before the selected exam date to score excellent marks. 

The SAT exam is conducted by CollegeBoard worldwide.

Students who plan to pursue undergraduate admissions abroad should write the SAT exam as this entrance exam score is required in the admission process of multiple universities.