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Careers in Telecommunications
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Careers in Telecommunications


Telecommunications Systems Management is an interdisciplinary area of study that seeks to bridge the divide between the technical aspects of communications with the business aspect. The discipline equips students to plan, install and upgrade network hardware and software, manage an up-and-running network, and configure, maintain and troubleshoot computers that are attached to a network. In addition, the coursework also equips a student with skills and knowledge necessary to take the industry certification exams conducted by organizations such as Cisco and Microsoft, while completing their graduate education.

The graduate discipline is aimed at two kinds of prospective candidates. Those who are already professionals and are eager to enhance their skill sets, and those who want to make a transition to the business side of telecommunications, like management and marketing. The inter-disciplinary nature of the graduate program exposes a student to a plethora of courses. The core course offerings include Fundamentals of Communication Systems, Telecommunications Architecture and Systems, Data Networking, Telecommunications Public Policy and Business Management. Apart from these core offerings, there is a range of elective choices. 

After completion of the TSM degree, students would have the skills to plan, acquire, operate, and evaluate telecommunication systems. The program also equips the students in strategic planning, financial management and organizational assessment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in telecommunications in the coming years have favorable prospects. As more sophisticated and complex technology is being implemented across all organizations, the demand for highly skilled professionals would keep rising. 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, starting offers for graduates with a doctoral degree in computer science averaged $93,050 in 2005. Starting offers averaged $50,820 for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science; $46,189 for those with a degree in computer systems analysis; $44,417 for those with a degree in management information systems; and $44,775 for those with a degree in information sciences and systems. 

A graduate course in Telecommunication Systems Management offers young Engineers with great opportunities, especially in countries such as India, UAE, China, and Europe. 

The following list of schools offer a graduate course in Telecommunication System Management:

University of Maryland College Park 

Northeastern University

University of Colorado Boulder   

University of Pennsylvania

Stevens Institute of Technology   

Syracuse University

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