What VISA interview questions can you be asked?

The sheer joy and feeling of euphoria on receiving the confirmation of enrolment from your dream university is indeed unparalleled. However, you are still one step away from living your dream, and that is – getting your student visa!  It is essential that you clear the visa interview so as to secure the student visa. [...]

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How to select the right university?

You always dreamt of making it to the top US universities and lady luck has been smiling upon you. You have received not just one, not even two but three admits from top colleges in the US and but you are still at crossroads? Admits from coveted universities is tough to come by but equally [...]

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Germany Visa Application Process

Step 1: Getting your academic documents certified: Please see the procedure required to book an appointment for getting your mark-sheets and academic certificates attested depending on the area where you are from: http://www.india.diplo.de/Vertretung/indien/en/06__Consu__Visa/visa__new/appointments.html#topic10   Step 2: Open a Block Account with Deutsche Bank. Follow the document titled Blocked Account for the guidelines for the same. Remember that the process of [...]

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