Ireland Visa Process

Ireland has one of the highest educational involvement rates in the world with almost half (48 percent) of the Irish population having attained at least a college-level education, which is in sharp contrast with the less-than-40 percent level of the other developed countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Belgium, and France. Eighty-one [...]

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Decoding the Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

F1 Student Visa applicants are increasingly becoming apprehensive about the Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, especially in keeping with the strict immigration policies introduced by the Donald Trump administration. But rest assured that it can be easily overcome if the required shortfall or documentation is fulfilled. At the outset, let us understand [...]

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Netherlands VISA Process

With more than 1,150 international course programmes conducted in the English language, with over 55 higher education universities, the Netherlands is the largest provider of English-language course programmes in Europe. The Netherlands has furthermore been hailed for its ground-breaking Problem-Based Learning, or ‘PBL’ pedagogy that instils in students the capacity to analyse and solve real [...]

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When to Apply for F1 Student Visa?

Applying early for Visa is the best decision you will make to evade unnecessary hold-ups. Right timing, careful planning and swift actions are the keys to saving your time, energy and resources and making your visa application process less taxing. What is the most appropriate time to apply for F-1 student Visa? Once you decide [...]

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Can a Master’s Degree from the US Enhance the Prospect of Securing H-1B Visa?

Securing an H-1B visa may be a lottery drawn process, but the prospect of winning the lottery looks more promising for applicants holding a master’s degree from US-based universities. In keeping with the current political regime’s diktat of ‘Buy American and Hire American’, the existing visa processing rules are likely to be tweaked, literally flipped, [...]

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Canada Introduces SDS Program to Fast Track Student Visa Process

A dramatic rise in the number of Indian students applying to Canadian Student Partnership Program (SPP) colleges in the last few years has led to increased processing time for university applications. Earlier, while the turnaround time for receiving an acceptance letter from the university was two weeks, it now takes about six to eight weeks [...]

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First name issue in visa interviews

“What is FNU?” Visa Interview: First Name Issues A lot of students have been asking us if having ‘FNU’ on the visa will lead to difficulties in the US. Hence we decided to write a detailed article explaining the exact meaning of FNU.   “If you have only one name or if your name appears in [...]

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Tips for a successful visa interview

If you wish to study abroad, you need to start preparing well in advance since the application process is time-consuming. However, one of the biggest challenges that students face during the application process is preparing for the visa interview. To ensure that your visa interview experience is a good one, here are some preparation tips [...]

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How to apply for UK Visa?

You need a Tier-4 general student Visa to study for pursuing graduate studies in the UK. The following is the procedure that you need to follow. You can apply for the Visa 3 months before the degree program commences. The decision occurs within 3 weeks of the application date.   The following is the procedure [...]

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What are the tips to avoid visa refusal?

Your higher study dreams can come crashing down on your face, if you are not amply prepared for your F1 visa interview and trust me there is nothing more disappointing than getting your visa rejected even after having secured I-20 from a much sought-after college. Every visa category has some underlying eligibility criteria set forth [...]

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