What jobs can I get after MS in Civil Engineering?

MS Abroad in Civil Engineering involves designing, constructing, building and maintaining of structures in a physically built society. It includes basic civic amenities like roads, bridges, dams, sewage treatment systems, airports, energy systems, infrastructure for beautifying the environment, and so on. By the time a student finishes his 4-year bachelor’s course in civil engineering, he is [...]

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What is Medical Imaging?

Medical Imaging is a discipline that utilizes techniques and processes to create images of the human body for clinical processes. Some of the prominent applications of medical imaging include radiology, endoscopy, thermography and microscopy. The field of medicine applies this technology for the diagnosis and successful examination of diseases. As a science, it is considered [...]

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Why Study in Canada?

Canada is the preferred destination for vocational studies rather than degree courses as the former seem to provide more employment opportunities. Study in Canada for Indian Students : Minimum academic record of 65% and above for humanities stream in class XII, and 70 – 80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII will also [...]

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Careers in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is one of the emerging technologies of the 21st century. Experts working in the field have grappled with the real definitions of the term, Nanotechnology.  The good old Wikipedia provides us with the broadest definition there can be about the field. It states Nanotechnology is a field of applied science focused on the design, synthesis, characterization [...]

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Why should I study abroad?

As you reach another milestone in your educational pursuits, it is time to think about the next lap of your journey. The recent changes in educational systems and the open door policy towards international students by overseas institutions has given rise to myriad opportunities to pursue the career of their choice. Thousands of students apply [...]

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How to Decide on a Career?

Deciding the career you want to take up is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Even before you start applying to the universities, you must clearly chalk out a career plan and, using this as the blueprint, should decide the course and subsequently the university you intend to join. There [...]

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What are some of the VLSI jobs in USA?

If you are one of those Engineers who are obsessed with miniaturization, then VLSI is the field for you. VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. The field developed into an area of academic study and practice during the early 70’s when semiconductors and communication technologies were being developed. It principally involves the development of [...]

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Careers in Telecommunications

Telecommunications Systems Management is an interdisciplinary area of study that seeks to bridge the divide between the technical aspects of communications with the business aspect. The discipline equips students to plan, install and upgrade network hardware and software, manage an up-and-running network, and configure, maintain and troubleshoot computers that are attached to a network. In [...]

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Study Abroad in Germany

Germany, the birthplace of Kindergarten schooling and the modern university, is a dream destination for students. It is well-known for courses in science and engineering, especially automotive, mechanical and biomedical. Getting admission into German Universities can be a huge task. The education is free; yes, you read that right, as 95% of the universities do [...]

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Careers in Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the research and analysis of the mechanics of living organisms or the application and derivation of engineering principles to and from biological systems.The discipline has had a very early beginning. Aristotle is supposed to have written the first book on biomechanics, called De Motu Animalium (On the movement of Animals). Initially, there was [...]

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