Undergraduate Programs: Scholarships for International Students in Singapore

Undergraduate Programs: Scholarships for International Students in Singapore Just about a decade back, the US and the UK were the most sought after study abroad destinations for international students. But, given the visa policies in both these countries- some of the Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are fast emerging as desirable study [...]

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Application Process for Singaporean Universities

Over the years, Singapore has become a globally acclaimed destination for pursuing higher studies. Making its mark on the frontlines of the global economy, its impressive business and management programs compare with the top universities globally. Touted as one of the most lucrative abroad education destinations to pursue management programs, Singapore has provided a gateway [...]

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Destination Singapore – Asia’s Education Hub

Exponential growth and foresight in building strengths have brought Singapore to the fore in the education arena. It is the leading choice for international students who comprise around 20 percent of the university graduates. The question that begs an answer is what gives Singapore the edge over countries like China or even, Japan. The answer [...]

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