Study in Ireland, the land of Saints and Poets

Are you planning to study abroad and considering Ireland as abroad education destination? If yes, then you can look forward to a mix of contemporary modern cities and idyllic countryside. Not to forget a rich cultural habitat and cityscapes steeped in history. The icing on the cake is that Ireland is now one of Europe’s wealthiest nations [...]

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Ireland – A Preferred Destination for International Students

A growing economy and recognition of its world-class education make Ireland a desirable study destination for international students. Students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees will get access to top-quality education and professional experience thereafter. Top multinational companies and IT companies in Ireland’s very own Silicon Valley have set up offices in Ireland, thereby providing [...]

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Study Opportunities in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island country with a rich cultural habitat and a renowned destination for pursuing higher education abroad. The fantastic combination of history, adventure, contemporary art, and literature brings life at ease. Moreover, from the past 20 years, Ireland has grown to be among the wealthiest nation in Europe along with having a [...]

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Job Prospects in Ireland

Verdant beaches, picturesque landscapes and friendly people beckon students and professionals alike to Ireland. Students seeking to study abroad find Ireland to be the perfect backdrop for realizing their dreams of a bright future. Even more interesting is the fact that, skilled expat professionals are actively recruited to work in Ireland to address skill shortages [...]

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Ireland Visa Process

Ireland has one of the highest educational involvement rates in the world with almost half (48 percent) of the Irish population having attained at least a college-level education, which is in sharp contrast with the less-than-40 percent level of the other developed countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Belgium, and France. Eighty-one [...]

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