News Flash : Record US VISA Approvals!

Despite the roadblocks owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, a record number of Indian student visas have been approved by the US. The second wave of the pandemic resulted in a 2-month delay of the visa season. However, in July, after the situation normalized, the consular teams worked dedicatedly to not just match but surpass their pre-Covid workload. 

As per the US mission in India’s statement, more than 55,000 students and exchange visitors are boarding planes to study in the US, and more students are being approved every day. The Ambassador Atul Keshap, Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy, New Delhi went on to affirm that the US mission to India is proud to facilitate the travel and study of Indian students!

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US VISA Master Guide – Everything you need to know about the F-1 VISA Interview!

Table of Contents All about F1 visa Scheduling the F1 visa interview Documents required for visa interview Frequently asked questions Top reasons for visa rejections Top 10 tips to crack the visa interview   A] What is F1 visa? F1 visa is a study visa which is issued to international students who wish to study [...]

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VISA Appointment Cancellation FAQ’s

With bulk visa appointment cancelations that happened recently, it is natural that students are worried about their study abroad plans. Please do not allow these concerns to affect your morale. We expect that this year, Covid response will function in a much more informed and decisive manner across all industries and organizations. The consulate has [...]

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How to prepare finances for F1 student visa?

Study aboard is an expensive affair.  In order to put yourself on a solid footing, it is really important that you start your financial planning well in advance. It requires you to formulate an effective strategy taking into consideration factors like living expenses, tuition fees, fluctuating exchange rate, your lifestyle and incidental expenses pertaining to [...]

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Can a Master’s Degree from the US Enhance the Prospect of Securing H-1B Visa?

Securing an H-1B visa may be a lottery drawn process, but the prospect of winning the lottery looks more promising for applicants holding a master’s degree from US-based universities. In keeping with the current political regime’s diktat of ‘Buy American and Hire American’, the existing visa processing rules are likely to be tweaked, literally flipped, [...]

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