Things to Keep in Mind Before Selecting Your Accommodation

Now that you have taken admission to your desired program in a top university for your higher studies in abroad, it is time to decide on your accommodation before you fly off to study abroad. Student halls, living out and staying at home options abound and each one of these has their pros and cons for [...]

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Study Opportunities in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island country with a rich cultural habitat and a renowned destination for pursuing higher education abroad. The fantastic combination of history, adventure, contemporary art, and literature brings life at ease. Moreover, from the past 20 years, Ireland has grown to be among the wealthiest nation in Europe along with having a [...]

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Study in Italy – Luxury Management

Italy and specifically, Milan have a long, illustrious association with high fashion and luxury. It is here that the bespoke trousseau of the royal families of Europe would often be put together with Venetian lace by the nimble hands of Italian seamstresses. Leading market analysts and industry experts on the whole agree that luxury goods [...]

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Career in Sustainable Town Planning

In 2015, Frankfurt was adjudged the most sustainable city in the world, as per a new ranking presented by the consultancy Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities Index. A sustainable city can be defined as one that functions without causing difficulties for either the citizens or the environment in the future. Frankfurt’s environment department announced that as much [...]

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Career in Sustainable Architecture

Since the 1960s, the need for sustainability in the modern architectural domain has enhanced dramatically with the introduction of what has been referred to as “Green Buildings”. Today’s ecologically conscious world calls for using innovative techniques while developing buildings that are environmentally friendly; thereby, lowering the adverse effects of construction through factors like efficient energy [...]

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Top 10 Safe Cities in USA

Studying abroad has always been a major concern for parents, who send their children away from the safe and familiar environment at home. Though USA is no longer considered to be alien, especially since the internet revolution has allowed us to familiarize us with its culture, its lifestyle and its cities, parents are confident their [...]

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Immigrate to Canada

Canada represents the land of dreams to Indian students and professionals. It is the hope of every immigrant that it will offer him progress, liberty, quality of life and a safe haven to live well and achieve professional excellence. The vast expanse of Canada, covering the northern hemisphere, is home to over a million immigrants [...]

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