Revocation of the H4 EAD: A Vital Concern for H-1B Visa Aspirants

In a bid to provide more job opportunities to Americans, Trump’s string of H-1B visa policy proposals have been steadily rocking the boat for H-1B aspirants in India and the beneficiaries working in the US. Close on the heels of the proposal for strict work requirement and qualification screening for H1B Visa applicants, the Trump [...]

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Collegepond August 27, 2019 0 Comments

Is there a change in the H1B visa application process?

President Donald Trump, the 45th POTUS, took charge on January 20th with multiple clouds of apprehension about the policies that he had promised to implement. With the Executive Order (EO) on January 27th restricting immigration from 7 countries, these apprehensions looked to be materializing sooner than expected. With the number of students applying for higher education in the [...]

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Collegepond August 19, 2019 0 Comments
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