Financial Engineering Salaries

If you aspire to be a financial engineering specialist, you have to be a number crunching maniac and a person who loves to read financial reports of companies. In fact reading financial reports and analyzing them to death, along with a super math potential, is the best indicator of aptitude. Schools in the US like [...]

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Sample LOR for MS in Computational Finance

Following is a sample Letter of Recommendation for MS in Computational Finance: This is a recommendation supporting the application of ___________, currently pursuing her Final Year Bachelor’s degree in Electronics at ______________ College.  As the principal of this institution, I would like to point out that she has made a mark for herself, in not [...]

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Careers in Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering has been one of the emerging disciplines of the past decade. In the new economy, the challenges of money management are quite varied. Managers and Industry leaders have to make quick forecast and investment decisions involving millions of dollars and a wrong move might spell disaster to their organizations.  In such a fast-moving, high-risk [...]

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