Why study at the University of Southern California?

About the Course University of Southern California Without any doubt, the courses over here are really amazing and the things we learn here are 200 times better than what we did in 4 years of engineering. There are many good courses and the professors for a few of the courses are extremely good. They keep changing [...]

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Why study MS in Syracuse University?

1) About the program  – The 42 course credits that I will have to complete for graduation, how should I spread it across over the semesters? Personally, I have taken 3 courses (10 credits) in my first semester. Currently, in my second semester I am taking 4 courses (12 credits). This differs from person to person. [...]

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Columbia University | Student Feedback

Hi Neha and Jimeet Sir, Hope you are doing great! I would love to help out students applying for MS in CS at Columbia. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, I was busy with college work. It’s terribly hectic out here. So let’s see.. About the course – Think twice before applying to Columbia for MS in [...]

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