Choosing Between Computer Science and Management Information System

Students are often perplexed about choosing between majoring in computer science (CS) or management information system (MIS) as the right career pathway for studying MS in abroad. To assist you in making an informed decision, let us consider the prospects for each of the courses. Computer Science Computer science is a more competitive domain as [...]

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Switching to Computer Science from a Non-Computer Science Background

Computer Science is among the most popular and competitive fields, with most students flocking to secure a degree in the domain. Besides the obvious factors, the following three reasons make study MS abroad in Computer Science a very competitive choice of course: Many students not necessarily are from the IT or CS or computer engineering academic backgrounds, [...]

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Sample SOP for Masters in CS at Columbia University

To study MS abroad, you need to have a Statement of Purpose that talks about your passion for the subject, your interests and experiences and chalks out your reasons for applying to a particular university, for instance for an MS in USA. Writing an SOP for pursuing MS in abroad is not an easy task, however, under expert guidance, [...]

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Fields related to MS in Computer Science

As computers revolutionise the world around us, spilling into every aspect of our lives, right from banking, financial markets, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare  and many more sectors, the demand for computer technologists is on the rise. Similarly, several fields that intersect with Computer Science have surfaced, which require a combination of skill sets for successful execution. [...]

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Sample LOR for MS in CS at CMU

Following is a sample letter of recommendation for MS in CS at Carnegie Mellon University: It is a pleasure to recommend _______ for the Masters Program in Computer Science at your university. My association with _______ dates back to the second year of her undergraduate program at D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai where [...]

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Sample LOR for MS in CS at Virginia Tech

Following is a sample letter of recommendation for MS in CS at Virginia Tech To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to recommend Mr._______ _______ for an MS in Computer Science at your esteemed university. He has been my student for the past four semesters and I have taught him Data Structures, Analysis of [...]

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Sample SOP for Masters in CS at Georgia Tech

Looking for tips and tricks to write your SOP for pursuing MS in abroad particularly MS in USA? We got you covered! Below is the sample SOP for Masters in CS at Georgia Tech: “Great application man, you just saved me a ton of time”. “Awesome, did not know there were so many restaurants in our area”. [...]

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Statement of Purpose for CS (SUNYB)

Following is a sample SOP for CS (SUNYB): I still remember the day when I received the 1st prize at “Tatva Convergence 2011”from over 200 entrants for the web idea, BOOK MY FOOD, an application that facilitates online ordering of food from various hotels in Mumbai. Given its appreciation, I decided to develop a mobile application for the [...]

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Letter of Recommendation for CS (CMU)

Following is a sample LOR for CS (CMU) Dear Graduate School Admission Office Management It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of ________.  ________ is one of the most creative, intelligent and capable individuals I have had the good fortune to work with and know.  I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending ________ for [...]

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How was the student experience at UC-Irvine?

In this interview, we talk to our alumnus, Sanket Khanwalkar, who gives us an insider perspective into life at the University of California, Irvine. Tell us about your current internship and how you came about acquiring it? UCI has a reasonable number of career fairs (about 4-5) starting from November and going on till summer. [...]

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