Career After Studying Construction Management

The construction of a structure or a building requires the synergized work integration of various agencies such as an architect, structural designer, project management consultant, contractor etc. Along with the yardstick of the timeline, it is of utmost significance to complete the particular project within the stipulated budget. The sub-discipline of civil engineering that emphasizes [...]

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Career Abroad in Culinary Sciences

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A MICHELIN STAR CHEF? Every culture is manifested in the type of food and ingredients that are typical of the region or community. Today, chefs like Gaggan Anand, Vikas Khanna and Sanjeev Kapoor are all household names, with the fame and popularity that rivals those of cricketers [...]

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How to Decide on a Career?

Deciding the career you want to take up is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Even before you start applying to the universities, you must clearly chalk out a career plan and, using this as the blueprint, should decide the course and subsequently the university you intend to join. There [...]

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Career After Studying Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering that involves the design of the built environment around us. In layman’s terms, these are the people that help design the components of a structure that enable it to withstand the various forces it is subject to. It is one of the most sought-after master’s programs chosen [...]

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Maintaining Non-immigrant Lawful Status in the US: Important and Achievable

Following the strict immigration policies drafted by US President Donald Trump’s administration to promote the ‘Buy American Hire American’ policy, a new policy memorandum has been put forth that comes down heavily on students and professionals, who overstay their study tenure in the US. The policy that will come into effect from August 9, 2018 [...]

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Graduate Education in Psychology

Psychology, as the name suggests, is the study of the human mind (Animal mind too!). Although this discipline is a cardinal social science, its applications vary from business, neurology to even sports and music. Globally, universities provide undergraduate programs in psychology that help students initiate their careers in the same. But, an undergraduate degree is [...]

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