Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application Process Goes Online For F1- VISA Students

The year gone by has been tumultuous, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect of our existence, more so, leaving an unending sense of uncertainty in the lives of students. The impact is more visible on those students pursuing their higher educational journeys in the US - under the F1 visa. As a result, Monday’s [...]

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Application Process for Singaporean Universities

Over the years, Singapore has become a globally acclaimed destination for pursuing higher studies. Making its mark on the frontlines of the global economy, its impressive business and management programs compare with the top universities globally. Touted as one of the most lucrative abroad education destinations to pursue management programs, Singapore has provided a gateway [...]

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University Interviews | MS Applicants

The prospect of a university interview often brings with itself a host of feelings like happiness, panic and anxiety all rolled into one. While it is quite natural to be nervous, getting  an idea of what to expect can help you to crack the interview with flying colors. Remember that receiving an interview call means [...]

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Application Process for German Universities

Germany is regarded as the most sought after non-English speaking educational destination among Indian students to pursue higher studies. Over the years, the country has become a hotbed for graduate education, giving tough competition to the likes of USA, UK and Australia. A lot of students eyeing for Germany as their preferred educational destination opt [...]

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Application Process for Canadian Universities

Students are increasingly finding Canada to be an excellent destination for pursuing their higher studies. Securing an admission into a Canadian university can be a competitive challenge for most aspirants, but that should not discourage you from applying to some of the best universities that have a global ranking. Familiarising yourself with the application process, [...]

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How to plan the application process of study abroad?

The application process is one of the most substantial and time-consuming processes that requires a lot of premeditated planning and preparation. Students are often befuddled regarding how to plan the application process which, if not done correctly can lead to missing out on application deadlines. An important thing that students must keep in mind is [...]

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What is the Application Process of Study Abroad Programs?

In today’s competitive world, it has become imperative to go abroad for masters in order to fortify one’s knowledge base, gain a global exposure and ensure a rewarding career. Going abroad for further studies requires a host of meticulous preparations and one of the most significant parts is the application process. Students must keep in [...]

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