How to Fast-Track your Fall 2021 Admissions?

Life can be strange and uncertain at times. While you may be gearing up to boost your academic credentials with the coveted international graduate degree -to compete with the best and the brightest in the world, you suddenly find your continuity plans interrupted by the foreboding coronavirus -disrupting life, livelihood, businesses, and education across the globe.

As the virus continues to spread its tentacles across nations, the pall of gloom that has befallen upon humanity is unprecedented, to say the least. These are trying times mentally, physically and socially, and we at Collegepond believe that trying times call for a more proactive, decisive and calibrated approach towards how we deal with the vagaries of life, achieve our objectives and sustain in the long run.

While the world continues to grapple with the shortage of hand sanitizers and face masks, you must be faced with the unforeseen  prospect of deferred college exams and re-scheduled GREs.

While we understand the deep sense of fear, panic, and uncertainty that you are left facing as an individual, we also realize that this is not an easy time to be an aspiring study abroad student.

As a result, apart from being concerned about your health, safety and well being, we are also equally concerned about enlivening our motto of ‘securing your future’, at all costs – by ensuring that your valuable time, efforts, goals, and priorities are never compromised at any point in time, as you navigate through this crucial and tentative phase in your academic life.

This has prompted us to incorporate proactive admission measures and prepone the admission process- this time around, to counter foreseeable delays in the form of impending college exams and GREs. In keeping with this, we would like to invite you for a free counseling session to discuss and address the following in a timely and concerted manner :

  • Your admission concerns
  • Reviewing your test preparations
  • Evaluating your academic prospects
  • Enabling you to secure your admission with thorough planning and forethought

As you must be aware that the admission process is time-consuming and demanding, we would urge you to sensibly plan your admission process and test preparations by meeting us well in advance. This will not only provide us with ample time to prepare you for graduate school admission but also enable us to keep you inspired and motivated through confidence-building measures such as mock visa interview,etc., so that you stand out when it comes to securing that coveted graduate admission.

Most importantly, you can avail of our ‘early application offers’ in the form of discounted fees. We are hopeful and confident that with our time tested counseling expertise, valuable career guidance and smart strategizing, we can help you make the most of the prevailing tough situation!  So, do join us for our upcoming session on ‘Fast-tracking The Graduate Application Process’.  The odds are certainly going to improve for you from here on!

You can Fast-track your Fall 2021 applications by availing a free online counselling session with us. To book an appointment, contact at [email protected] or 022-26103135.

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