Study Opportunities in Ireland

Study Opportunities in Ireland
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Study Opportunities in Ireland

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Ireland is a beautiful island country with a rich cultural habitat. The fantastic combination of history, adventure, contemporary art and literature brings life at ease. Moreover, from the past 20 years, Ireland has grown to be among the wealthiest nation of Europe along with having a world-class education system.

Ireland has 12 Universities and Colleges, and 14 Institutes of Technology that offer over 5000 internationally recognised qualifications tagged with the best education system in the world. They have set their mark in research opportunities as the Irish Government invests over 782 million funds in the research programs. The research institutes rank first in class when it comes to courses like Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences which builds up the confidence in students to take up research related programs. Ireland has an intake of over 35,000 international students each year coming from diverse 161 countries, so if you are looking for diversity, Ireland is the right place for you. It is one of the most amiable and well-equipped places to stay. Moreover, English is the spoken language, so communication would not be a challenge as opposed to other countries like Germany.

Life at Ireland is safe and secure. The universities in Ireland have a lot of diversity so if you plan to study in one of the Irish universities, it’s likely for you to celebrate Diwali and Eid at the University campus.

Below is a list of Ireland’s reputed universities, which are preferred by international students:

Trinity College Dublin

Ireland’s number one university, Trinity College Dublin, was founded in 1592 and is located in the heart of Ireland’s enthusiastic capital city. The university is also considered to be the word leader in Information Technology, Mathematics, Nanotechnology, Immunology, Engineering, Psychology, Politics, English and a lot more. It is recognised as the top international research centre for students looking out for research based studies. Moreover, Trinity College Dublin has a rigorous academic programme with an unparalleled array of cultural, social and professional experiences.

Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) is located on the North side of Dublin with over 17000 students currently studying in the premises.  It has a diverse student body with students coming from over 114 countries. DCU has variety of clubs and societies associated with computer games, sports and academics. It is highly regarded for Engineering which has the most intakes followed by Health and Medicine and Computer Science and IT.

 Maynooth University

The youngest university of Ireland, Maynooth University was founded in 1997 and is as it is located in the Silicon Valley of Ireland, it is the conduit for providing fresh graduates to various multinational companies such as Intel, Facebook, Microsoft, HP and Google. Maynooth University has various schools and departments offering programs in Social Science, Science and Engineering, Arts, Celtic Studies, Philosophy and Languages. The University has over 1800 postgraduate students along with graduates having link to various research institutes. The University has won the StudyPortals Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award in 2015 and is also the only university tagged as ‘Best Colleges’ in the Princeton Review Guidebook

National University of Ireland, Galway

National University of Ireland (NUI) is a research based university including fields such as Human Rights, Family Studies, Internet Technology, Stem Cell Research and Marine Science. It is ranked in the top 3% of universities in the world. It is famed for its over 150 student societies and sports clubs. Popular with international students, Galway is also regarded as the cultural capital of Ireland.

University College Cork

The first 5 star university of Ireland, University College Cork (UCC) was founded in 1845 and is located in Belfast, Cork and Galway. It ranks in the top 2% of the universities in the world and has a Green Flag campus. It has over 4000 post graduate students in over 100 post graduate courses. UCC has built an international reputation, which draws 3000 students from over 100 countries contributing to its cosmopolitan culture.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) happens to be the first university to have a Global Lounge for international students. It has the largest urban campus in Europe offering world class amenities with extensive options. Having global centres in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Delhi and Kuala Lumpur helps provide a first point of contact for students and parents. UCD has a post graduate intake of over 8000 students, which covers 26% of the student body. Moreover, it is renowned for its Engineering, Science, Culture, and Sports departments, which have nurtured professionals who have joined various industries.

University of Limerick

University of Limerick (UL) has one of the largest cooperative education programmes in the European Union and at UL it is undertaken as an integral part of the academic programme. It has a good Student Support Network, which includes more than 70 clubs and societies. It has gained recognition with its distinctive research and offering courses such as Information and Communication Technologies, Materials and Surface Science, Bioengineering and Biosciences, Energy and Sustainable Environment, Applied Mathematics, Study of Knowledge in Society. Moreover, University of Limerick is considered to be very generous at giving scholarships to international students. So, Limerick can be considered as a good option for students who are looking out for scholarships.

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