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| Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to University of Texas for the Masters in IE program. |
Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

FIRST DRAFT of the SOP given by the Student:

It is the 21st century and we still have to be scared from mosquitos. Malaria and Dengue are still one of the prevailing health issues in countries like India and Africa. Internet quotes Human beings as the ‘apex predator’, it’s a shame that we have to be scared of mosquitos.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

According to me, Public Health is one of the most important sectors of medicine. It aims at helping prevention and finding solutions for various health issues.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

During my third semester in MSc Biotechnology, I submitted an elaborate essay about utilizing the metabolic energy of Microorganism to produce bioelectricity which would have been a cheap and an alternate ecofriendly source of electricity for people who are still deprived of such a necessity. In a developing country like India where there are still issues about power shortage, this would’ve been an excellent resource. However, I could not conduct the experiment due to funding difficulties.

My Msc thesis, ‘Overexpression of a peptide using recombinant DNA technology for production of biosimilars’ focused on cloning. I isolated the gene of interest from one recombinant vector and cloned it into another recombinant vector which already had the gene of interest. This gave a double construct vector system which produced double the amount of protein when induced accordingly.

Working at Lupin limited gave me an insight into the public healthcare sector. I got to know about ‘Biosimilar’ drugs and how they were paving a way into public healthcare by being affordable to the common people and effective.

I completed my Bachelors and Masters in Biotechnology. It helped me get a strong base in practical as well as theoretical knowledge in subjects like Microbiology, Infectious diseases, Immunology and Molecular Biology. I also attended various workshops and conferences about microbiology, infectious diseases and molecular biology to gets hands on experience and broaden my horizon from the confines of classrooms.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

In my BSc Biotechnology, I conducted an experiment regarding how important it is to wash hands with soap after using the toilet. It was a simple experiment where the Subject’s hands were swabbed using sterile cotton swab before and after washing hands with soap once they’ve used the toilet. Those cotton swabs were streaked onto a Sterile Nutrient agar plate and incubated into a 37O Incubator. Results clearly showed that there was significantly less number of Microorganisms after washing hands with soap. The conclusion of the experiment was that it was important and healthy to wash your hands with soap after using the toilet.

The thing about Public health is that you can bring forth such small reforms, for example ‘Washing hands after using a Public restroom’ and still make a huge difference in people’s lives. I’m drawn to public health because of its boundless solutions to various health issues.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

FINAL DRAFT of the SOP created by the Counsellor:

‘John Snow’- the name belongs to a person who has been a source of inspiration for me, almost like a role model. No, not the popular character from ‘Game of Thrones,’ but the scientist that is considered to be a pioneer in the Public Health sector, because of his research in the field of epidemiology. I was amazed to read about his insightful field investigations and use of logic to unravel the pathway from organism to disease, about a quarter century before the causative microbe was even identified. Reading case studies in his book titled ‘On the Mode of Communication of Cholera,’ I gained deep insights about the transmission of the disease, the incubation period of the host, and the nature of the causative organism. He made clever use of dot map and time line to present his findings — a technique used even today in epidemiological studies to describe spatial pattern of affected cases, non-cases or other relevant factors associated with the study. Several years later, Dr. Robert Koch managed to isolate the bacterium Vibrio chlolerae, which was the ‘poison’ that Snow had described. He also confirmed Snow’s hypothesis that Cholera is not contagious and spreads only through unsanitary water or food.

Jumping forward into the present decade, the outbreaks of diseases like Ebola, Swine flu and SARS, some of which have turned pandemic, indicate serious gaps in the awareness and the public healthcare system. The need for skilled individuals in public health is immense as it is one of the most important fields in the healthcare sector. My career goal is to try to bridge this void by working with health organizations like CDC, WHO, NIH as a field investigator or an epidemiologist. I hope to engage in clinical and medical research towards the evolution of better preventive healthcare practices. Also, I hope to work towards investigating and diagnosing community health hazards for the betterment of the community. Even promoting a simple idea like washing hands makes a difference in one’s health. In order to pursue my career aspirations, I seek to pursue a Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Arizona.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

My background in Biotechnology has equipped me with a solution-oriented mindset and has been pivotal in helping me identify my career interests by introducing me to a wide array of diverse topics. Through courses in Microbiology and Immunology, I learned the microbial structures, the elements they use to attack the immune system, and the various cells that form part of the body’s defense mechanism. Also, the course in Population Genetics helped me gain an understanding of the genetic composition of biological populations, and the changes or the mutations occurring from natural selection. I also acquired sound foundation in the area of statistical analysis, and its application in biology, through the course in Biostatistics.

During the course of my education, I had the opportunity to be a part of various workshops and seminars at India’s esteemed institutes like Haffkine Institute and International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT), where I learnt about enzymology and various molecular biology techniques. At I2IT, we also had a brief introduction to Bioinformatics where we observed the 3-D structuring of different proteins. Intrigued by this, I went to do a six-month add-on course in Bioinformatics during which I learned about FASTA, BLAST and various other tools used for visualizing the structures of protein. I also attended a workshop on ‘Molecular genetics applications in clinical practice’ at Religare Laboratories, which focused on Genetic counseling where I got to interact with patients and relatives at risk of an inherited disease. We worked with experts to advise the patients of the causes, effects and nature of the disorder, the probability of developing or transmitting it and the options for tackling the disorders through family planning. Apart from this, I undertook a certified course in Food and Nutrition from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

My Masters thesis at Lupin Limited focused on cloning for the production of ‘biosimilars,’ which are biological products that are replicas of their innovator biopharmaceuticals. I worked towards developing a double-construct vector system, aimed at increasing the protein-output per vector unit. The protein would later be used to create a biosimilar drug. For this, I isolated the gene that gives the protein of interest using enzymatic action from one recombinant vector (engineered bacterial plasmid) and cloned it into another similar recombinant vector, which already had the gene of interest. This double-construct clone was found to produce almost 80% more protein than the previous clones. Working at Lupin was an invaluable experience as I interacted with seasoned professional in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

Along with my academic pursuits, I have also regularly engaged in extra-curricular activities. Exploring a slightly off-the-track topic during my third semester in MSc, I submitted an elaborate essay at the think tank, ‘Incubator cell’ in D.Y. Patil University about the possibility of utilizing the metabolic energy of microorganisms to produce bioelectricity. In developing countries that face power deficits, such a technology holds immense promise in generating off-grid power with negligible environmental impact. I also won a poster presentation competition on ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ during my undergraduate studies. The presentation revolved around using various simple scientific techniques for cooking healthy, yet tasty, food. Also, I spearheaded the Creative Committee of the College Biotechnology departmental festival, ‘KAOS’. My responsibilities involved making posters, banners and planning out events for the festivals. Also, I was part of the Financial Team for the festival where we scouted for sponsors for various events. In addition to this, I have undergone training in ‘Bharatnatyam,’ an Indian classical dance, for seven years, and I have performed at various dance shows in College. I hope to explore more such avenues to showcase my creativity at the University.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

I believe that my academic background and various co-curricular engagements have given me a foundation to pursue my Master’s degree in Public Health and the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health would be the perfect next step for me. I want to pursue a specialization in Epidemiology and the curriculum at the University of Arizona is diverse and interesting, especially courses like Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, and so on. Dr. Heidi Brown’s work on finding the complex nature of vector-borne diseases by modeling vector, host, and pathogen distributions is inspiring. It would be an honor to assist in her research work. The uniquely designed state-of-the-art research facilities, particularly ‘Biosphere-2′, which facilitate research on seasonal diseases, or organisms that thrive on certain ecosystems, are certainly enticing. The student organizations like Student Aid for Field Epidemiology Response (SAFER) and Public Health Student Alliance (PHSA) would provide enriching opportunities for volunteering for public health work as well as peer-interaction. I have seen Dean Imam Hakim’s video on the college site about public health. One thing that stuck with me is that public health is about three Ps i.e. Promotion, Prevention and Protection and I shall strive to work towards all the three during my professional career.

Having visited the University of Arizona’s main campus at Tucson twice, I can’t wait to be a part of such a reputed Institute. I hope the Admissions Committee shares my enthusiasm and issues an affirmative reply to my application.Sample SOP for Public Health and Epidemiology

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