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| Sample SOP for ECE- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Stanford University for the Masters in ECE program. |
Sample SOP for ECE

FIRST DRAFT of the SOP given by the Student:

From always being known as the curious kid in childhood who ended up dismantling dozens of telephone sets till the teenage robot maker, I was always an over enthusiast kid with lots of experiments named on my platter. Belonging to a well-educated and supportive family background, I was always backed by my family in all my technological indulgences.Sample SOP for ECE

My interest in communication and signal processing started at an early age during high school as I received outstanding grades in math. Mini projects during college years and an exceptional performance in electronics coupled with the growing trend of cordless cellphones added to my curiosity of decoding the science behind such devices and researching for the same never left me feel mundane even for a minute. It not only helped me work towards my subject of specialization but also helped me understand the basics of signals and the ways in which information is processed and obtained from them in a deeper sense. I studied further and joined VJTI, which is one of the most esteemed universities in India, having the best of faculties and offering a wide range of areas, including Electrical Engineering, in which I pursued my graduation. Various courses in my undergraduate curriculum like Signals and Systems, Communication Engineering, Linear and Non-Linear System Modeling, Mechatronics and Digital Signal Processing enabled me to explore various dimensions and techniques involved in this field by mastering a spectrum of concepts like Laplace transforms, z-transforms, FIR/IIR Filter Designing, Fourier Transforms, Machine Learning, etc. Concepts which are considered key aspects in this area became my subjects of focus and a detailed study of it helped me create a sound base in it. In order to gain practical knowledge, I participated in various competitions and self-study projects which ensured that I am at par with what I learned. Interaction with the most experienced and knowledgeable professors instilled immense encouragement and confidence, boosting my self-belief and inspiring me to further participate and develop my forte in this field.

We all live a world where we want to have all the information, every bit of data we need just at the snap of our fingers. Whether it’s knowing the weather before commuting to work or information in order to avoid traffic. This data needs to be processed in an efficient manner for it to be of any use to us. Take for example how the development of image processing algorithms have made tourists feel safer with alien languages available at their disposal just at a click of a picture. The most exciting development in this field is the development of driver-less cars. A car mounted with a camera taking images which are then processed to map the surroundings and try to avoid obstacles by trying to interpret the physical form of objects around. This technique will also help in better navigation by creating better and more accurate maps. The same could be adopted for blind people as a way of navigation which would help improve the quality of their life to a great extent by giving them a sense of independence about themselves.Sample SOP for ECE

The way I see it, such systems are present everywhere and are perpetually evolving. From the virtues of nature to the communities we develop. And these systems are present to ask one thing. Why things are the way they are and how can we make them better? This aim to help the society marked a turning point in my life as I started my project, ‘The Texting Tumblr’. It took me weeks of preparation and perspiration to draft the basic idea for the same. With constant and rigorous efforts I was finally able to bring it into reality and showcase my masterpiece in front of a huge audience at a mall.Sample SOP for ECE

The flash lights of the cameras around me were so strong that I could barely see anyone in front of me. I tried to squint my eyes and all I cud see was a huge crowd of people including journalists with high definition cameras trying to capture each moment. The announcer then handed over the mike to me after giving the gist of what I had worked so hard on. With nervous hands I took over the mike. I had the tumbler in my hand. Despite it being a non-living thing, the way I bonded with it never made me feel like it was one. It was the output of all my rigorous efforts and sleepless nights. I began with how the idea struck me; a self-aware glass, an attempt to mitigate the fatalities caused by drink and drive cases. How it could analyze and process useful information from some liquid and decide as to what decision is to be performed, informing some predetermined contact to collect the person in case they are too drunk to drive. The drive and exhilaration in that moment made me realize what I want to do the rest of my life.Sample SOP for ECE

From being in a Parsee school to a South Indian college and finally in one the premier institutions having a multitude of cultural diversity, has helped me shape my personality. This has not only enhanced my knowledge about different cultures but also helped me to easily adapt between different environments and mindsets. This helped me develop soft skills and also honed me as an outspoken person with an easy to adapt attitude in different environments and cultures.

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is something I truly believe. Apart from excelling in academics and leading various projects, I have been actively involved in a number extracurricular activities from organizing events and meetings to representing college in intercollege and state level competitions. The undergraduate years of education marked the most important learning phase of my life. I evolved not only in academics but also in individualistic aspects which have helped me shape my personality. I strongly believe that we as human beings and as a part of the society are under a constant obligation to serve the society and endeavour to make it a better place. Pratigya, a social initiative, which helped to teach the young and under-privileged children things that are beyond the scope of their syllabus yet having immense applications was my first encounter towards social initiatives. I worked as a coordinator for the same and helped in organizing various such events visiting several schools trying to spark interest in young minds not only about the importance of technology but as well as education as a whole. I wish to continue my contributions towards such initiatives.Sample SOP for ECE

FINAL DRAFT of the SOP created by the Counsellor:
It was a dreamlike moment when the anchor handed over the microphone to me. I held the ‘Tumblr’ in my hand with confidence as I began explaining its functionality. Drunken driving casualties have become a growing concern worldwide, and the number of people affected by it has increased phenomenally. With the purpose to combat this problem, I along with my team came up with the concept of a glass capable of analyzing the amount of alcohol consumed by a person and in the case of an emergency, alert a predetermined contact through SMS. The glass is set to a threshold number, which when exceeded would lead to the generation of a text message to a relative or a friend notifying them of the user’s location. The project utilizes a GSM 900 module and Atmega328 microcontroller for processing the information received. While being widely appreciated and covered by various news channels and newspapers, the project was a testimony to the fact of how ubiquitous communication systems have become and how efficiently they can be utilized to enhance human lifestyle.Sample SOP for ECE

Working on the ‘Tumblr’ has been a highly enriching and invaluable experience and made me realize the importance of having a robust communication network. My career goal is to extend my learnings from this project and work in the research and development department of leading companies such as Qualcomm and Alphabet to pioneer the next generation communication systems that will offer unparalleled data speeds and seamlessly integrate into the fabric of our daily lives. To this end, I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Electrical Engineering at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).Sample SOP for ECE

My undergraduate curriculum offered a thorough insight into mathematical modeling and design through a motley of courses offered. Courses like Signals and Systems, Communication Engineering, Mechatronics and Digital Signal Processing not only honed my analytical skills but also enabled me to explore various dimensions and techniques like Fourier Transforms, Z-transforms, FIR/IIR Filter Designing, PSK, FSK, PAM, QAM, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. My proficiency in these subjects is evident from the fact that I have consistently been among the toppers amongst 75 students. To gain practical knowledge, I participated in various competitions and self-study projects through which I efficiently implemented my conceptual knowledge. I developed mini projects, including a ‘Proximity Sensor’ that is capable of detecting the presence of any object around it or approaching it with the help of op-amps and infrared sensors; and ‘The Flying Dutchman’ which is an amphibian robot developed to survive any kind of terrain.Sample SOP for ECE

My penchant for electronics finds its root in my teenage days when I would dismantle devices to learn their operations and built miniature robots. My undergraduate projects provided a fitting platform to fuel my passion further. One of my projects, ‘Smart Piezoelectric Platform’, harnessed energy from one’s footsteps and would generate electricity to charge small USB devices such as power banks, cell phones, and other small gadgets. The project was not only appreciated and awarded as ‘smart innovator’, but it also received a special recognition by Mr. Tommy Mayne (Vice-President of IEEE-Power and Energy Society) at the IEEE exhibition. Impressed with the concept, many companies expressed their desire and approached us to convert this project into a product, which if proven successful would be rolled out to the masses.

In view to gain some corporate experience, I worked as full-time research intern at Intelligent Communications Lab. My assignment necessitated me to research on wireless power systems and sensor networks with a focused research on antenna array designing. The key aspects of my research dealt with multiple antenna designs for enhancing communication reliability using spatial diversity. I am currently researching on adaptive beam forming techniques in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems to maximize Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR). Apart from research work, I have also interned at Hindalco Industries Ltd. and Dubai Port (DP) World. These internships have helped me gain professional exposure and have also enhanced my research abilities.Sample SOP for ECE

Besides my academic interests, I am an active volunteer at Pratigya, a social initiative targeted towards improving the education in India, for the past three years. I believe benevolence is the best gift to mankind, and we must willingly give back to the society. As part of this undertaking, I visit schools and teach young children about the importance of education and technology. Playing the guitar is my favorite pastime, and I have performed at various live shows and concerts. I have also essayed the lead role in a short film named Crossroads, for an interdepartmental competition in the college cultural festival. I wish to learn and grow by participating in similar activities at UCLA.

A student cannot excel without the help of competent guidance and collegial environment. UCLA provides both and I shall feel privileged to be a part of the esteemed community of future researchers and technological leaders. The diverse student body experience and high-quality education at UCLA shall create a perfect foundation for broadening my knowledge horizons. With its dedicated faculty, I believe that UCLA will help me develop the required skills to bring my career dreams into reality as there can be no better place to gain knowledge. If given a chance, it shall be my privilege to learn under Professor Suhas N. Diggavi at the Information Theory and Systems Laboratory. Dr. Yahya Rahmat-Samii’s research in Antenna Research, Analysis and Measurement Laboratory appeals to me, and I want to take this opportunity of learning and working under the experience of such adept minds in the field. I also consider it a responsibility to devote my skills and give back to my alma mater in every possible manner.

I will strive to live by the words of Mr. Cornward Hall, ‘You are always a student, never a master’. Driven by my creativity, I possess the ambition, motivation, and determination to successfully embark on the path of graduate studies. I am determined to make significant contributions to the university by shining as an exemplary alumnus in the ensuing years and bring glory to UCLA.Sample SOP for ECE

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