Sample SOP for Quantitative Finance | Rutgers
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Sample SOP for Quantitative Finance | Rutgers


| Sample SOP for Quantitative Finance – This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Rutgers for the Masters in QF program. |

Being an avid follower of stock markets since my high school days, I am intrigued by the shift in the degree of positive correlation of our Indian markets with that of the global markets.   In the recent past, the direction of our markets seems to track that of our global peers even more closely and appears to be less impacted by the local economic indicators. Consequently, my trading portfolio has seen an obscene amount of volatility.   With a goal to profit from the havoc in the markets, I researched various volatility-based trading models and stumbled across a dedicated graduate course in financial engineering at { }.  As I delved further into the curriculum, I realized that the course offerings and placement opportunities post completion will propel me to achieve my short-term career objective of working in a quantitative trading environment.  It is for this reason that I look forward to applying to Masters of Quantitative Finance.

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