Sample SOP for Physics | Statement of Purpose
Physics Sample SOPs

Sample SOP for Physics | Statement of Purpose


It was 2007. I had prepared quite thoroughly and yet, I stood there nervous, not knowing how I would fare. I was presenting on Errors in Measurement in Physics. Somehow, I began. I could hardly believe what a rush it was. Watching students comprehend the logic behind logarithmic methods they once thought arcane, I felt satisfaction. Through the course of the lecture, I found myself reworking concepts that had to be conveyed in a manner different than how I understood them. I was seeing things as my audience saw them and was forced to adapt spontaneously, gaining insight and improving my own knowledge in the process. What I once thought of as a chore, I found exciting. The lecture got a very warm reception. The Head of Department of Physics, Mrs. ___, who taught final year Physics, was present. She congratulated me and said she looked forward to having me as a student next year. That day, something I had been contemplating for about four years, became a fact of certainty. I was going to be a physicist.

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