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Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development | Tufts University


SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development

| Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Tufts University for the Masters in Pharmacology and Drug Development program. |
SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development

FIRST DRAFT of the SOP given by the Student: Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
The most of what I remember,my childhood was flooded with pharmaceutical industry talks with my mother who has been working in pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years now would come back after her long days work and tell me about her experience of overlooking trials conducted on mice and hamsters and how the animals responded through shiver or get sedated for some time and also how tons of them died.These experiences were my bed time stories which elated my mood by 10 folds. On the other side my father whose into distribution of life saving drugs would take me along to visit oncologists and nephrologists who would introduce me to me small but interesting pieces of information all the time.Since a young age I’ve been drilled and moulded to strive for a acumen in biology related studies. Having my parents from the pharmaceutical field has without doubt helped me develop a keen interest and more than anything love for biology.Being taken to the research and development centre of a company to interact with scientists,interacting with patients through doctors who would complain about side effects of the drugs helped me gain a more practical aspect towards the drug world which was beyond the conventional textbook knowledge.Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
In school I’ve always had this keen affiliation towards biology and always looked forward to studying it rather than treating it as a burden and secured a distinction in science.In junior college Biology was one of my major subjects in which I secured a 92%. Currently I’m studying in the final year of my Bachelor in Pharmacy course from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences(Ranked the number 1 institute amongst private universities) where we’ve been introduced to varied subjects like anatomy and physiology,microbiology,pathophysiology and pharmacology.Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
My interest for pharmacology reached new heights post my 2 months internship at Ranbaxy laboratories. The main objective of my internship was to propose new marketing techniques to better the sales of Teczine M(combination drug of montelukast and levoceterizine).My 2 months of internship included approximately 6 weeks of field work where I interrogated pediatricians,ENT’s and dermatologists regarding the combination drug and had an entire survey built through a prepared questionnaire. The immense amount of exposure that was perceived by me cannot be measured.Directly acquiring feedback from doctors not only helped in getting a crystal clear image of the situation but also helped in tackling the situation on point rather than beating around the bush. The entire experience of meeting around 100 to 150 doctors on a whole could not be fathomed by me considering the fresher that i was who had just cleared my second year. Post field work I starting taking up my project in another dimension as i could now view things in a broader aspect.I started doing my own side research on the drug and thought of proposing pharmacological based manipulations in the drug. My proposals included introduction of bilayer technology into the tablet which would help improve the dissolution rate of the tablet showing faster action,introduction of caffeine as an excipient to prevent sedation caused by the drug and few more. My interest in the project not only introduced me to the entire corporate functioning and policies of a company but also made me realize my deep interest and acumen for research work.Looking at the deep work and research i had done on one combination i was given the opportunity to propose a new product related to my earlier product and so i did. I handed out my research work on a cold and cough syrup which included recommendations on the active product ingredient and the excipients to be included.My handwork was appreciated.After my internship where i actually saw how things happen in the real world beyond classroom and college, my thirst for acquiring more knowledge in the pharmacology field reached new heights where i couldn’t wait to practice animal handling and practicing assay techniques myself and practically carrying out the experiments which i had stated through my proposals. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
Thats when in third year I was introduced to pharmacology as a core subject which was not only my major interest area but also helped me clear a lot of unresolved doubts and hurdles that i faced during my internship. It was mostly my sky-high passion and self drive for this subject that helped me achieve a distinction(92% and above) in pharmacology third year. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
Im currently in my final year and have undertaken a project in the pharmacology department which is still being done. Basic objective of the project is to check for Quercitin as an anti-cancer agent. I have assisted research scholars in the MTT assay procedure which included seeding of cell line,dye introduction and color development and analyzing under the inverted microscope. The test drug will be injected into swiss albino mice who there after will be maintained and regulated by us to check for tumor cell formation. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
I have also taken up an article review on cathepsin as an anticancer drug out of interest to become aware about novel and current techniques being practiced. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
Through all this acquisition of knowledge i hope to eventually pursue my phd and start up my own research centre for the production of novel therapeutic drugs in the field of cosmetology and dermatology for the enhancement of skin.
Apart from academic involvement I’ve also shown a great deal of involvement in extra curriculum activities like sports and cultural events where Ive been awarded the best footballer and cricket player(women) and lead my team towards being positioned runner up and winner in various events.Through this i mean to show my leadership qualities of working in a team and the capabilities to convert an idea or strategy into results. Ive also conducted and organized several class trips for approximately 30 people which have been successful and memorable for all. This shows I have the capability to organize and manage events with a sum full amount of people with different ideologies and working method but channelizing it all towards the desired goal.I have also been a part of the student body council of my college as a cultural representative which further enhanced my managerial and peoples skill by having to lead a class of 80 to 90 people towards cultural events. Apart from group events I’ve also won several individual events in badminton and table tennis(best player-women) along with english debate as i show a deep inclination towards oration. I was involved for 8 years in Speech and Drama from Trinity College of London and completed till grade 4(intermediate stage) and deeply rejoiced every moment I ever put up during any act or elocution implementing confidence for public speaking and lack of stage fright.
I have been following Northeastern University since a few months and Im aware of most of the research work being carried out. My attention was caught by the research being carried out at the drug discovery centre named as Ligand Assisted Protein Structure (LAPS) which involves the design and development of highly selective ligands capable of interacting covalently with a functional protein (GPCR, enzyme, transporter).Im thoroughly keen on discovery of novel medications and the development of approaches and technologies aimed at improving the discovery of new therapeutic drugs and I’m sure to contribute heavily towards the research going on in Northeastern University. Not only academically but but also by being a part of the student body council i would like to merge my share of concepts and knowledge with everybody out there and bring about diversity in the council functioning.I hope im given the opportunity to bring about as much as property and recognition through my contribution.
Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
FINAL DRAFT of the SOP created by the Counsellor:Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
Looks matter! There are an umpteen number of studies which show that a charming personality, which for most people is reflected in good looks, offers substantial advantages in finding dating partners, getting your opinions heard, and to some extent, even increasing a candidate’s employability. Take the case of my roommate — an intelligent, decent-looking girl, but because she was overtly worried about her acne condition, she consciously avoided socializing. As a result of this, sadly, the effervescent girl was beginning to show signs of loneliness. Being conscious of my own upkeep, I decided to help her out of the situation. I took her to a dermatologist who recommended an ointment to be applied on the affected areas. Within few months, her acne issue was history. I saw major transformations is her personality after this treatment. By overcoming her mental blocks, not only did she gain in confidence that was further reinforced by her enhanced social noticeability, but also her performance in class improved a notch.
Witnessing this episode play out right before my eyes, I realized the importance of effective cosmetic solutions. As someone who keenly follows the world of fashion, a career in the field of cosmetology naturally appeals to me. After graduation, I aspire to pursue my Ph.D. where I hope to undertake research related to dermal and facial receptors and blockade of acne causing factors. In the long run, I hope to work in the research and development teams of high-end cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline and contribute towards the development of innovative skincare products. An MS in Pharmacology with specialization in Receptor Studies from Northeastern University would be a giant stride towards realizing these career aspirations.Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
My proclivity towards biology, right from my schooling years, and a family background involving both parents working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, led me to pursue my Bachelors in Pharmacy from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The program exposed me to a multifarious range of courses. The courses on Anatomy and Physiology helped me learn relevant concepts like working of enzymes, and mechanisms involved in the functioning of cardiac, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. The course in Pharmacology introduced me to core topics like pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, drug-receptor interaction and discrete drugs like anti-hypertensives, hyperlipidemic drugs, anti-diabetes drugs, and anti-convulsants. I also look forward to studying about anti-psychotic and anti-cancer drugs in the upcoming semester. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
My growing interest in pharmacology motivated me to undertake my final year project in Quercetin analogues as possible anti-cancer agents. The project involves investigating the effects of test molecules on cell cycle, possible anti-cancer activity in breast cancer (MCF-7 and MDA-MB231 cell lines) and Hela-cervical cancer cell lines. I have performed cytotoxicity studies of the test molecules on the cell lines (by MTT assay). I have also undergone training in cell culture techniques that includes seeding, sub-culturing and maintenance of cells and treating drugs. We handled laboratory animals like Swiss albino mice, wisteria rats, etc. as a part of the in-vivo screening of the drugs during the project.
In addition to the above project, I have also undertaken a literature review on Cathepsins in the management of cancer. This project involves evaluating the studies conducted so far on cathepsins in relation to cancer therapy, its efficacy, and side effects. The analysis will also focus on the anti-inflammatory activity of the molecules. Working on these projects has enhanced my research and documentation skills and provided me experience in performing ethical drug-testing on live animals. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
My proclivity towards skincare and dermatology led me to undertake a 2-month internship with Ranbaxy in the Dermatology Department. Here, the main objective of my internship project was to study and analyze the already launched combination of levocetirizine and montelukast, which is an anti-allergic drug treating urticaria. I performed competitive benchmarking for the combination followed by physical tablet examination. On the basis of insights derived, I proposed innovative marketing strategies for the brand. The project saw me involve in six weeks of extensive field work during which I interviewed pediatricians, ENT specialists, and dermatologists regarding the combination drug. The survey was carried out through an exhaustive questionnaire that I designed. On the basis of my interaction with close to 200 doctors during the field-study stage, I also proposed certain pharmacology-based manipulations in the drug. The proposals included the introduction of bilayer technology into the tablet to improve the dissolution rate and thus ensuring quicker results; introduction of caffeine as an excipient to prevent sedation caused by the drug; introduction of antibodies into the tablet for immediate action; and insertion of vitamins and minerals for skin revitalization. Working at Ranbaxy not only introduced me to the entire corporate functioning and policies of a company but also made me realize my deep interest and acumen for research work. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development
Apart from academics, I have also actively involved myself in extra curriculum activities like sports and cultural events. I have been the recipient of the Best Footballer award in college, for my performances in the Centre Forward position. I have also captained the women’s cricket team of my college. Apart from winning in team-sports, I have also won several tournaments in badminton and table tennis and was adjudged the best player in college for the latter. Along with this, my passion for traveling led me to organize several class trips. In addition, I have been part of the student body council of my college as a cultural representative. In this role, I successfully conducted various intercollegiate events related to dance, debate, painting, and clay modeling. Moreover, an eight-year training in Speech and Drama from Trinity College of London during which I completed grade 4 (intermediate stage), has enabled me to win several elocution and debating events. Such engagements have helped me learn leadership skills like managing expectations and differences in opinions, effective task-delegation and getting work done within deadlines.
On the back of my academic and internship experiences, I believe this is the opportune moment for me to pursue graduate studies in the field of pharmacology and Northeastern University seems to be the perfect destination. The well-designed curriculum that includes courses related to Receptor Pharmacology and Drug Design, Evaluation, and Development is in perfect alignment with my career interests. The erudite faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities would be immensely helpful as I look to broaden my knowledge and skill-set in the domain. I am particularly keen to assist Professor Ralph H. Loring in his research work in Ligand-gated Ion Channels as it would help me learn how the receptors react to novel cosmetic formulations. In addition, I hope to actively contribute to the functioning of various student organizations at the University which would also help me forge a long-lasting relationship with fellow colleagues. I hope the Admissions Committee shares my enthusiasm and recommends an affirmative reply to my application. I eagerly look forward to being a part of the incoming class of Fall 2016. Sample SOP for Pharmacology and Drug Development

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