Statement of Purpose for ECE (UCLA)

Statement of Purpose for ECE (UCLA)
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Statement of Purpose for ECE (UCLA)


Following is a sample SOP for ECE (UCLA):

As technological paradigms shift on a decadal basis, the existing conventional forms of technology would soon become redundant and inefficient. Cellular technology, a dream of the past, has now become a deep-rooted way of life.

University campuses, corporate work areas are going Wi-Fi and such a powerful tool would soon make cable look like a dinosaur. Wireless Communications can be one of the tools to take Information Technology to the backwaters of rural India and help create enlightened and educated citizens. Research projects like Ad-Hoc Networks, Multipath routing and Mobile Wireless Networks currently being undertaken in the field of Wireless Communication have caught my interest. The potential research opportunities coupled with my aptitude and drive has been one of my prime motives to seek a specialization in this field.

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This idea by one of the great genius, Thomas Alva Edison, has been one of my abiding resolutions.  The relentless pursuit towards achieving perfection has made me perform to the very best of my abilities. Hard work, discipline and commitment have shaped my academic career to date. I have maintained an aggregate of more than 70% in all my six semesters and am currently ranked 2nd in a class of 80 students. My academic performance secured me the prestigious JRD Tata scholarship for three consecutive years in Engineering.

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