Sample SOP for Masters in CS at Georgia Tech

Sample SOP for Masters in CS at Georgia Tech
Application Essays ( SOP, LOR & Resume)

Sample SOP for Masters in CS at Georgia Tech


“Great application man, you just saved me a ton of time”.

“Awesome, did not know there were so many restaurants in our area”.

These are just a few comments I received after creating and distributing a mobile application ‘Globe Trotters’. The application was developed in J2ME for the Symbian OS and served as a guide for various tourist spots and attractions in a selected area. It was an instant hit in my class and helped around 750 people in the student community. I am currently working on the next version of the application, which will encompass additional features such as contextual based search. Working on this application has not only given me tremendous satisfaction and recognition but also ignited a spark in me to explore the field of computer science. In this regard, I wish to pursue my MS in Computer Science (CS) with a specialization in HCI from Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech).

Post my masters, I wish to work with Microsoft, Apple or Google and contribute to their efforts in enhancing their operating systems and native applications for mobiles and tablets. In the long run, however, I intend to pursue the path of entrepreneurship in India in collaboration with other like-minded professionals. My aim is to set up a product oriented start up with focus on developing mobile applications for various platforms. We would be catering to a suite of products for the education industry.
My expedition into programming began at _____college, which is ranked amongst the top 10 private colleges in India and is highly aspirational. I secured excellent marks in the engineering entrance exam (179/200) and stood 1st in a batch of 64 students. A passion for computers and everything digital led me to pursue Information Technology as my undergraduate major. As a part of my curriculum, I studied various languages like C++, JAVA, SQL, etc. I have taken courses in Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming for Mobile and Remote Computing, Networks, etc. and have secured above 90 percentile in them. Assignments in these courses strengthened my concepts.  Comprehensive understanding of these courses laid a strong foundation for practical implementations. I have always strived for excellence and this has helped me maintain a rank among the top 10% of my class.
Besides coursework, the undergraduate curriculum afforded ample opportunities to put theories into practice. I developed an online bookstore using XUL and AJAX. Also, I am an ardent Fantasy Football fan and decided to make my own version of it using VB and SQL for intra-college football events. I thoroughly enjoyed researching about the latest technologies and learning about diverse horizontals in the field of computer science.
To explore the vast expanses of the software field, I secured an internship with Studio4 Pvt. Ltd at the end of my junior year where I worked as application developer for the software Autodesk Revit. This required me to learn Revit, study about Revit API’s for C# and implement it to make the application all in the time of a month. The application was an element renumbering application, which would be active only when there is a valid element on the screen and would go on renumbering the elements as and when they were clicked. It also detected collision between the numbers and had features for adding prefix or postfix to the number. I also worked on Rhino Scripting and Grasshopper where I used my knowledge on VBScript to create dynamically adjusting structures. My ravenous appetite for knowledge and swift grasping enabled me to complete the task in the stipulated time. This experience gave me my first insight into working as a developer in a professional setting.

Currently, for the final year project, I am developing an application on the Android platform for the visually impaired under the guidance of ________ Technologies. This application consists of location based alarm and messaging service, color recognition and voice-enabled compass. Together with two other peers, we are working on a speech-to-text algorithm with greater accuracy and finding other cheaper alternatives to GPS for location tracking. The inspiration for this project has been the work of Dr. ___________ and we intend to further his work in this field. Through this project we aim to give the visually impaired greater independence in doing their day-to-day activities.  Working on this project has cemented not only my interests in the field of Computer Science but my inclination to pursue a Masters degree from GaTech.
Based on student feedback and my perusal of the GaTech website, it is evident that GaTech has a unique program for students interested in pursuing CS. The HCI specialization seems very apt for me as includes courses relating to software development, user interface design and ubiquitous computing. Also, the work being pursued at Ubiquitous Computing Group has interested me especially their project on BrailleTouch. I am already working on one aspect of technology for the visually-impaired and would like to be part of this project to further my understanding in this field. It would be an honor to assist them in their research.

What separates GaTech from other Universities is its focus on an all-round development on an individual, which produces global leaders and visionaries who go that extra mile to achieve excellence. Being actively involved in sports all my life, winning gold in the Mumbai School Sports Association (city level) and bronze in District School Association (district level) for handball has helped me develop a spirit of camaraderie as well as competitiveness. It has also made me realize how important team coordination and focus are to achieve results.  Maintaining leadership positions all through high school and college has helped me to refine my interpersonal skills and develop my decision making ability. I have also organized two events in the technical festival of college, which saw a turnout of about 2000 students from all over the city. This experience has improved my time management skills and has taught me about resource allocation and management. I wish to bring these skills of mine to the table to help contribute to various events in your University.

In addition, working actively with a local non-profit organization ___________ where I teach the underprivileged kids and working with Human Rights Association to create awareness against the social stigmas has made me a more sensitive thinker. I intend to be part of the social service faction at GaTech and continue my work for the society. Thus, the skills developed outside the classroom will help me be an asset to the student body.

In conclusion, a Masters degree at GaTech is the most logical progression in my career. The knowledge I will gain during my tenure at the university both within and outside classroom will be instrumental in helping me jumpstart my career. I hope that the Admission Committee shares my enthusiasm and commitment to surpass the expectations set forth for an incoming graduate student and accordingly offers admission into the Fall 2012 incoming class.

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