Sample LOR for MS in Management

Sample LOR for MS in Management
Application Essays ( SOP, LOR & Resume)

Sample LOR for MS in Management


This is a professional letter of recommendation for a student aspiring to pursue Masters in Management in USA.

As the CEO of ______________ Ltd, it gives me great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for ___________, who came in as a trainee under me, working part time over a period of the last one year.
Though she was studying for her engineering course she expressed keen interest in venture capital and entrepreneurship.  She committed and would spend several hours each week in completing the assignments given to her and I had offered her the flexibility to work either from office or home and with flexible timing. She has been associated in 3 areas viz: (i) developing a hand-holding website for new entrepreneurs in India (ii) providing analysis of valuation of companies and (iii) preparing appraisal notes for current proposals.

I developed a good respect for her analytical capability and her eye for detail. The web-site underwent a thorough transformation and among the several hands who worked on the website, her contribution to the same was substantial. The look and feel as well as the content of the website has undergone a remarkable transformation for the better and the website is being launched formally, shortly.

As an additional assignment, I had also given her the job of reviewing the exit valuations of 3 of our investee companies which our team had recommended for disinvestment.  She studied the companies deeply and was satisfied with 2 of the valuations. As regards the valuation of the shares of the software company which we were planning to exit (we had obtained an offer from one of the internationally-known Venture Capital Funds), she went through the files of the company to study its features and analyse the past, independently ascertained the extent of competition and arrived at the conclusion, inter alia, through various international comparables that a  significantly higher valuation could be achieved, if we looked further, because the software company’s (dotcom company’s) uniqueness. We, therefore, refrained from selling, though our main team felt that the offer was good and we might not get another offer. Thereafter, we worked to find a suitable buyer and located another buyer who paid about 20% higher price for the shares and it was one of the most valuable exits in the Fund.

I have found her to be very innovative in her approach to deciding the future course of action. She studies the past in great detail and uses all available information to give me an excellent summary of the past, and negotiation points for the future.  She is a talented individual who takes great effort to provide the required inputs for decision making.

I highly recommend her to the program for which she seeks admission. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and shall be glad to guide her as well as take inputs from her. Please feel free to contact me at the undernoted address.

Mr. _____________
Company Name

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