Sample LOR for MS in IEOR

Sample LOR for MS in IEOR
Application Essays ( SOP, LOR & Resume)

Sample LOR for MS in IEOR

Sample LOR for Industrial Engineering & Operstions Research

|This is a professional letter of recommendation for a student aspiring to pursue Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in USA.|

Dear Sir/Madam,

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend ____________ for a masters degree course in your esteemed university. He has been working with us for the past five months and my personal experience of working with him has been quite satisfactory. We are a firm engaged in multiple software activities and he is part of ERP implementation support group. He has made a very seamless transition from an academic to a professional environment.

Being his manager, I had the opportunity to supervise him on a number of projects. His ability to comprehend business requirements and apply his programming skills to achieve the desired output made him a permanent member on all our design sessions. He also displayed excellent teamwork during all the projects. He is used to regularly help other new recruits finish their work if they are lagging behind or helping them trouble shoot small but tricky programming mistakes. At the same time he has never been late on any of his assigned tasks. Once, he actually came back from leave to help us meet a deadline with the client as he got to know that we had still major program testing pending, showing commitment which we usually do not expect from junior resources.

I can recall a situation where we had started work on a customer project and we realized we did not have all the information that we should have asked for. He proactively spoke to me about the lack of sufficient information and also made a list of things that we needed to know before we started work. This helped a lot in getting clearer requirements from the customer and lesser iterations in user acceptance of the project leading eventually a satisfied customer for our company.

In another customer case we had to develop some custom reports for a client and one such report related to the aging of receivables. For a fresh engineering graduate, his understanding of requirement from the financial perspective of cash flow/fund flow management was quick so we deployed him on all customer meetings and his sharp understanding and clear communication skills were appreciated by the customer.

Having known him for 5 months, I can safely say that he has good ethics and moral character. He comes across as sincere and hardworking person. His strengths are his technical proficiency, inclination to learn, sharp intelligence and perseverance. Time and again during various projects that we have worked on, he has displayed all the above qualities to his advantage. Being a software company, there are times when deadlines are too close for comfort and we require sharp and fast people to complete the work load; and in many such situations, he was called to pitch in and help. He also needs to get some amount of tact since he comes across as plain speaker at times.

Professionally, he is an asset to have and shows immense potential. With the right mentoring, he can be groomed to become not only an exceptional professional but also can lead an organization. I therefore strongly recommend him for graduate school.

I am convinced that he will make good use of the knowledge that he will acquire at such a reputed institute for his future.

Mr. _____________
Company Name

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