Sample LOR for Embedded Systems

Sample LOR for Embedded Systems
Application Essays ( SOP, LOR & Resume)

Sample LOR for Embedded Systems

Sample LOR for Embedded System

This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student aspiring to pursue Masters in Management Information Systems in USA.

I am writing this recommendation for ______________. I understand that he is seeking admission for a Masters degree. I have known him since past two years having taught him Digital Communications and Coding techniques, Computer Organization and Architecture and Digital Computer Networks. He has been an inquisitive student and always a pleasure to teach.

He is immaculate in his work and puts in his best efforts to successfully achieve and complete the goals of the project within the desired time-frame. He has an unrelenting dedication to the task at hand and his ability to maintain his aplomb under trying circumstances. These qualities, along with his exceptional proficiency in programming and his ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, will stand him in good stead in his pursuit of higher studies and research in the field of Embedded Systems.

I was very impressed with his project on Single Wire Interface communication. The project required him to develop a protocol for communication between multiple devices (like microcontrollers) over a single wire bus. It was a multi master bit banging protocol that was completely implemented in software with no special hardware or on-chip peripheral needed.

His academic achievements have also been meritorious. Hard work and diligence have always been his forte, which led him to achieve a commendable aggregate of 68% in the first six semesters. Also, following his progress closely, it has come to my knowledge that academics for him have not been merely bookish studies. He has attended seminars on ‘Embedded Systems And Real Time Operating systems’ and has presented a paper on Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm for Real Time Operating Systems, which he and his colleagues are implementing in their final year project. This speaks highly of his research abilities.

I would like to address his appreciable communicational skills. He has always been sincere about every job assigned to him. He has promptly accepted every task assigned to him and has worked hard towards its fruitful completion. Overall, as a person, he is polite and sincere which made him a pleasure to guide and help.

To draw a conclusion from all my experiences, I see him as a student driven by passion. He faces all challenges incurred upon him with renewed verve and vigor. Once inspired, he finds little trouble translating his dreams into reality. Hence, I find him as an appropriate candidate for graduate studies doing MS in Embedded Systems, the field that excites him the most.

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
College Name

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